Sofia Bevarly Leaves Little To The Imagination In A White Swimsuit

On Friday, November 6, American model Sofia Bevarly posted a set of very hot pictures on her Instagram page to wow her legions of followers.

In the snapshots, Sofia rocked a revealing white swimsuit that left little to the imagination of viewers. The skimpy ensemble boasted a halter-neck design and a wide, V-shaped neckline that plunged all the way to her stomach, putting an ample amount of cleavage on full display.

The swimsuit included a thin white string that was tied around her waist, while the high-cut leg opening drew attention to her lean legs and toned thighs.

Sofia wore her brunette tresses down, letting her locks fall over her back and shoulder.

Instead of adding a geotag, Sofia kept the location discreet and wrote that the picture was captured "somewhere on a beach." The shoot took place during the day against a rocky background.

Sofia shared two pics from the shoot. In the first image, she sat on the ground and folded her knees. The hottie lifted her chin, gazed straight at the lens, and flashed a small smile as she soaked up the sun.

In the second picture, the model sat with her legs spread wide apart. She raised her arms and held her hair while turning her gaze away from the lens. She also parted her lips to pull off a very seductive look.

In the caption, Sofia asked how her fans have been doing lately and added two heart emoji. She also tagged her photographer, Alfred Henri, for acknowledgment.

Within six hours of being posted, the racy photographs racked up more than 40,000 likes. In addition to that, several of Sofia's followers flocked to the comments section and shared about 500 messages in which they praised her incredible curves and her pretty facial features.

"Damn, I can't take my eyes off you. You have the body of a goddess, which I want to worship day and night," one of her fans commented.

"It's Friday and we are halfway through the workday. You look amazing as always, have a great weekend," chimed in another user.

"Well, my day was kind of boring, but after seeing your photo, my mood is much better. I love you so much," a third admirer remarked, adding multiple kiss and heart-eyed emoji to the comment.

"Oh wow, you are totally out of this world. Love the tan," a fourth follower wrote.

Others posted words and phrases like "stunning," "absolute perfection," and "wife material," to express their adoration.

Many other models also liked and commented on the sultry photograph, including Polina Sitnova, Lauren Dascalo, and Sara Natividad.