Cat Stevens Stuns Fans With Release Of Rare 50-Year-Old Music Video Starring Ex-Girlfriend Patti D'Arbanville

Cat Stevens surprised his fans with an unearthed music video he shot 50 years ago. The music legend, who is also known as Yusuf Islam, released an unearthed video for his classic song "Lady D'Arbanville." The track is featured on Stevens' upcoming 50th-anniversary super-deluxe box set reissue of his 1970 album Mona Bone Jakon.

In a clip shared on his YouTube page, the 72-year-old British singer-songwriter strummed his guitar while singing the ballad that he wrote about the end of his relationship with D'Arbanville, a model, actress, and Andy Warhol muse.

The footage, which was rediscovered earlier this year, was set in a gothic mansion and also starred D'Arbanville, who is now 69. A teaser for the video noted that the clip is believed to be one of the earliest cinematic music videos ever made.

In the comments section, many fans revealed that they never knew there had been a music video created for "Lady D'Arbanville."

"I never even knew there was an official music video for this! Nice find!" one fan wrote.

"Good Heavens! Who knew we had videos in the '70s? Thank you so much for sharing." another added.

Others reflected on the meaning of the somber ballad.

"Love, Pain, Faithfulness What a journey portrayed in a timeless song," a third fan wrote.

Fans know that D'Arbanville and Stevens had a two-year relationship and that she was the inspiration for several of his songs, including his 1970 mega-hit "Wild World," which appeared on his fourth album Tea for the Tillerman. With "Lady D'Arbanville," which came out earlier that year, he metaphorically laid his relationship with his ex to rest.

While she appeared in the music video, D'Arbanville was not a fan of the sad song.

In an interview with the blog Money Into Light, the My So-Called Life actress was asked what it was like to be immortalized in her ex-boyfriend's music.

" I quite like 'Wild World', but 'Lady D'Arbanville' is about me – dead," she said.

"I found that weird. I got a lot of publicity and interview requests from that song, but it was odd, because I didn't have much to do with it, apart from supplying the name. The period when I was with 'Steven' was a bittersweet time. I was sorry to hurt him. But he fell on his feet... I haven't spoken to him in years."
D'Arbanville famously left Stevens for Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and later went on to have a romance with actor Don Johnson, which produced a son.