Chanel West Coast Shows Off Her Booty In White Panties & Rocks Angel Wings In 'Heaven's Calling' Video

Chanel West Coast premiered the music video for her new single, "Heaven's Calling," on Friday, and she rocked one revealing look that could double as a sexy Halloween costume: a pair of angel wings and white lingerie.

"Heaven's Calling" is one of the songs featured on Chanel's debut album, America's Sweetheart. She previously released a music video for "No Plans," which was mostly filmed on location inside and around a luxurious mansion.

Her latest visuals were shot in a much different setting. In one of the first scenes, she was shown rapping outside the carved wooden doors of a large church. The structure boasted classic, mission-style architecture that included a tall tower, stone masonry, and ornate crosses.

The Ridiculousness star wore a number of looks that probably wouldn't be considered appropriate for most Sunday services, including a sheer black bra and underwear. She flashed the undergarments underneath a patent leather trench coat while filming inside the church. In these scenes, she stood next to a stained glass window that cast a red glow over her body.

A few of the other pieces that she sported featured classic artwork and Christian iconography, including a mini dress with a depiction of the Virgin Mary on the bust. She paired the number with fishnet stockings and platform lace-up booties with stiletto heels.

Some of the accessories that she wore included sunglasses with dark lenses, a bedazzled face mask, large cross earrings, and a choker with multiple crosses on chains dangling from it.

Near the end of the video, Chanel was shown sporting a bright white lingerie set that was comprised of a textured bra and skimpy panties with a cheeky back. She also wore a pair of large feathered angel wings and gold high-heeled sandals with wraparound straps that circled her toned calves.

Her long, brunette hair was styled in glamorous curls.

In a brief scene, she showed off her curvy derriere by hanging on the side of a white metal structure with a domed top that made it look a bit like a massive bird cage. A cloud effect was added to make the shot look more heavenly.

Chanel was shown strolling down a sidewalk and across a dusty hillside with scrubby vegetation. There was also some footage of city skyscrapers and praying children wearing choir robes and face masks.

Chanel's fans gave her latest creation rave reviews in the comments section on YouTube.

"She has a really nice voice. I love when she talks about being different and 'socially distant' like she doesn't care about likes anymore lol," wrote one fan.

"The rapper is back! Couldn't be more excited," read another message.

"I love how bold you are girl, you know how to push your boundaries and btw, you look stunning with the long hair, so gorgeous!" a third admirer remarked.