Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian A Hologram Of Her Late Father For Her 40th Birthday: 'So Lifelike'

Bessie Yuill

For Kim Kardashian West's 40th birthday, Kanye West gave his wife something a little more unusual than flowers or chocolates. The rapper created an incredibly lifelike 3D hologram of her late father, Robert Kardashian, who died of esophageal cancer in September 2003.

He also referenced family memories such as driving Kim to school in his "tiny Mercedes" and listening to "Who Put the Bomp" by Barry Mann. At that point, the hologram danced and lip-synced to the song.

The hologram also talked about how proud he is that his daughter is following in his "legacy" by working toward becoming a lawyer and connecting to her roots as a "proud Armenian."

According to TMZ, Kanye began looking at old video and audio in the studio in early September and used artificial intelligence to finish off the project. The rapper and presidential candidate presumably wrote the script, too, given how the hologram talked about Kim's family.

"You married the most most most most genius man in the whole world, Kanye West," he said at one point.

He also proclaimed that he has built a "firewall" around their family to protect them, and reminded Kim to say her prayers.

Kim posted another close-up version of the video so that her followers could see the level of detail put into the AI recreation.

"I can't even describe what this meant to me and my sisters, my brother, my mom and closest friends to experience together," the reality star tweeted, thanking her husband for a memory that "will last a lifetime."

The internet seemed torn between whether the gift was heartwarming, over-the-top, or creepy.

"Tax the rich. Seriously," one commentator wrote.

"Truly terrifying. Congrats?" another offered.

Kim received criticism recently for posting about her extravagant birthday retreat, which reportedly cost $1 million, per The Inquisitr. The reality star flew a group of 38 friends and family to a private island, assuring her followers that everyone had isolated and tested negative for COVID-19 prior to the trip.

In a caption that was mocked for being tone-deaf toward people who had caught COVID-19 or lost their job because of the pandemic, Kim wrote that she had taken her loved ones on vacation so that they "could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time."