Constance Nunes Shares Fan Reactions To Her Garage Bikini Pic

'Car Masters: Rust to Riches' star Constance Nunes takes a selfie.
Constance Nunes / Instagram

Constance Nunes left very little to the imagination in her latest Instagram post. The offering sparked a frenzy among her 834,000 fans, who shared the scandalous post in which she was scantily clad in a two-piece swimsuit that put her luscious curves on display. In turn, Constance posted fan reactions to her Instagram story in appreciation of the love they showed her.

The TV star took to social media October 28 with two sexy snaps.

In her caption, she mentioned her agent told her it was time for some new photos. She claimed that during the quarantine period, she had been fueling her body with whiskey and lifting car parts. She was also pretty confident she was the only model at the agency who used their garage as a backdrop, as Constance explained the space had the best lighting in her house.

Clad in a black bikini top and printed bottom, Constance flaunted her flawless physique. Her bountiful cleavage seemed to strain against the confines of the tiny top as she posed for the camera, and the seemingly snug thong was tied with straps that sat high on her hips.

Constance’s midsection took center stage in the images. She showcased her toned and chiseled abs, and her tiny waist emphasized her glorious hourglass figure.

The model styled her hair in a side part. She let her brown tresses cascade down her back and shoulders in curly waves.

Constance glammed up the swimwear with a pair of clear pumps that elongated her legs.

In the first image, the petrol head stood in front of a closed door in the white garage. She crossed one foot in front of the other as she angled her hips. Constance slightly parted her lips in a sultry and provocative gaze.

The following image was more lighthearted as she smiled at something off camera. She raised her shoulder and looked over it while crossing her legs again.

The update has already racked up more than 132,000 likes, and Constance featured some of the re-shares on her Instagram story, capturing her fans’ reactions to her offering.

One auto lover thought he knew the reason Constance was all smiles in the second pic.

“The look you give the UPS man when he turns up with your new racecar parts,” they mused.

Another referred to her show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

“If y’all have seen the show then you know you got the perfect woman,” they raved.

“Can I be @constance_nunes please now please,” one follower pleaded.

“Don’t let the looks fool you she would bang out a lift kit way faster than me,” a fourth person noted about the mechanic’s skills in the garage.

The Inquisitr last reported that Constance put on a rather cheeky display in a pair of skintight Daisy Dukes.