Instagram Model Caroline O’Mahony Shows Off Her Fit Booty & Cleavage For At-Home Workout

Caroline O'Mahony posts a selfie on Instagram
Caroline O'Mahony / Instagram

Fitness model Caroline O’Mahony sported a tight-fitting ensemble for her latest Instagram video upload. In the clips, she was filmed wearing a revealing top and skintight leggings that flaunted her jaw-dropping curves while she worked out at home.

The Irish beauty is known for spending a lot of time at the gym, but for this update, she had to improvise since gyms in her area are currently closed. O’Mahony added five videos of her doing exercises in her living room. There were two gray sofas next to her, and her kitchen was visible in the background.

The 22-year-old had her long dark hair in a French braid ponytail, and she rocked a baby blue outfit. She had on a sports bra that had a scooping neckline and crisscross straps in the back. O’Mahony sported matching high-waist leggings that outlined her lower body. The popular YouTuber also wore white Nike sneakers and accessorized with a black smartwatch.

In the first slide, O’Mahony was filmed from behind as she held two dumbbells just above her shoulders. She slowly bent her knees into a squatting position, and viewers were given a glimpse of her sculpted booty with each repetition. The social media influencer used her couch as a support bench for the second exercise, as she lay back on it while holding a weight on her midsection. This angle showcased her assets in the low-cut top.

O’Mahony was once again shot from the back for the third part of her routine. She held dumbbells in each hand and extended her leg behind her for a reverse lunge. The model was recorded from the side for the fourth exercise, and she bent over and jutted her curvy backside out. In the final slide, O’Mahony used a resistance band to perform crab walks with her knees bent and her hands in front of her face.

For the caption, the influencer recommended increasing the repetitions for at-home workouts and mentioned doing the exercises early in the day when she feels most motivated. She added several hashtags, including “#gluteworkout,” before uploading the videos on Monday.

Many of O’Mahony’s 699,000 Instagram followers flocked to the post, and more than 8,300 made their way to the like button in just over two hours after it went live. She had close to 60 comments in that time. Fans praised her stunning physique and thanked the model for uploading the fitness tips.

“Ha! Ha! No pain no gain,” one follower joked.

“Thank u for this!” a fan wrote alongside a heart emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the month, O’Mahony showed off her cleavage in a tiny pink top.