Ashley Alexiss Flaunts Her Curvy Figure In Skintight Black Workout Gear

Ashley Alexiss shared a new photo via her Instagram page on Friday, October 23. She was hyping the activewear from Shefit, and her 2.1 million followers went wild over how beautifully the pieces highlighted her curves.

Ashley chose two black pieces of workout gear from the brand's line. She posed at an angle that showcased her curvy backside, and the photo captured her mostly from the side.

The full-figured model noted in her caption that the leggings were "squat proof," signaling that the high-rise waistband stayed perfectly in place throughout any tough workout sessions. The styling provided full coverage while still accentuating Ashley's luscious posterior.

The top had straps that crisscrossed in the back along with a wide band across Ashley's lower back. Her positioning gave fans a peek at the curves of her busty assets, and her hourglass curves were perfectly accentuated by the skintight fit of the garments.

Ashley styled her long tresses with a side part. Some of the gentle curls tumbled down her back while others cascaded over part of her face and rested over her chest. She looked over her shoulder toward the camera and offered a flirty look, along with a big smile.

A dazzling pair of stud earrings could be seen in Ashley's ears, and the profile of her wedding ring could be spotted on one hand. The background was a plain white wall, seemingly a signal that this was a formal studio shot from a photo shoot. The model did note in her caption that she is an ambassador for the Shefit brand.

Over the course of two hours, nearly 9,000 likes came in from Ashley's fans. Dozens of people also commented and raved over the full-figured model's snap.

"Gorgeous goddess," one person wrote.

"Fabulous hair and a superior posterior!" another detailed.

"You are beyond BEAUTIFUL," a fan noted.

"Gawd damn she fine," a fourth fan praised.

This snapshot showing Ashley modeling workout wear was clearly a hit as it combined an alluring look at her curvaceous physique without being particularly revealing. As her followers know, several of her other recent Instagram posts were far more risque, and showcased her wearing sultry sets of undergarments.

No matter what Ashley wears, she always beams with confidence and happiness. That is consistently the case, whether she is showing off her figure in lacy undergarments, bold swimwear, or just a formfitting T-shirt and jeans. She has thoroughly proven the point that a full-figured gal can still raise heart rates, and her followers are always anxious to see what she'll showcase next.