Instagram Model Sophia Diamond Shows Serious Cleavage In A Tiny Tank Top For Latest Spicy Update

Sophia Diamond posts a selfie on Instagram
Sophia Diamond / Instagram

Instagram star Sophia Diamond put her curvy figure on display in a spicy six-photo set for her latest upload. She was shot rocking a low-cut top that accentuated her killer cleavage while she struck sultry poses.

The Canadian bombshell had not posted on the social media platform in over a week, but she treated fans to plenty of eye candy with this update. For the post, she sat on a tiled floor in a turquoise-colored room that had opened glass doors in the background.

Diamond had her long golden-blond hair tied back in a ponytail as it cascaded down, and she let loose strands of bangs hang over her beautiful face. The model sported a brown ribbed tank top that had a plunging neckline and thin shoulder straps that left her arms exposed. She wore tan-colored pants and accessorized with earrings.

In the first snap, Diamond bent her left knee up and rested her arm there. She tilted her head up and showed off a large smile across her face as she gazed off-camera. The social media influencer stayed in the same spot for the second slide, but this time she kept her mouth agape while shooting a sultry glare at the lens.

Diamond put her arms behind her body for the third pic. Her head was tilted upwards as she arched her back. This angle gave viewers an eyeful of her toned stomach in the cropped shirt. The influencer sat up for the fourth photo, and once again gave a sensual look to the camera. Her hair flowed over her shoulder, and her skin looked glowing against the backdrop.

The model was photographed from the side for the fifth slide, as she peered over her shoulder with her tongue out. Diamond was filmed from the same position for the last photo, with this angle offering a glimpse of her ample assets in the low-cut shirt.

For the caption, the Canadian joked about how many times she had posted photos in this outfit and pledged to her followers that new pics were coming soon. She added sparkle and angel emoji before uploading the images on Tuesday.

Many of Diamond’s 1.2 million Instagram followers flocked to the set, and more than 116,000 made their way to the like button in just over 14 hours since it went live. She received over 500 comments as fans replied with heart emoji and compliments.

“So gorgeous,” one admirer responded.

“SLAY QUEEN,” another added.

“Don’t lie we all know it’s cold in Canada,” an Instagram user wrote.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last month Diamond showcased her curves in a small top while out for a picnic.