Instagram Model Caroline O’Mahony Flaunts Her Sculpted Booty & Abs For Intense Workout Video Update

Caroline O'Mahony posts a selfie on Instagram
Caroline O'Mahony / Instagram

Fitness model Caroline O’Mahony showcased her sculpted physique in skintight gear for her latest workout video update on Instagram. In the clips, she was filmed wearing a cropped top and formfitting leggings as she performed different exercises.

The Irish bombshell is known for her intense workouts and, in this upload, she added four vids of her attacking the lower body. She was recorded at a gym that had exposed brick walls, and she used machines in three of the slides and a barbell in one of them.

O’Mahony had her long, dark hair tied back in a ponytail with loose strands of bangs hanging.

The popular YouTuber sported a tight-fitting, white long-sleeved shirt that was cropped and hugged tightly around her chest.

She also wore a pair of blue leggings from Alphalete, which outlined her enviable backside, and a pair of white Nike sneakers.

In the first clip, the 22-year-old was shot from behind as she stood on a raised platform with a black lifting belt around her waist. This had a chain that was connected to a machine for squats. O’Mahony grabbed a bar in front of her and slowly bent her knees, which embellished her jaw-dropping booty with each repetition.

O’Mahony laid with her back against a mat for the second portion of the routine. There was a barbell across her waist, and she thrust her hips upward. This angle gave viewers a glimpse of her chiseled midsection in the revealing shirt.

The social media influencer did reverse leg extensions for the third slide. There was a pulley cable strapped to her right ankle as she kicked that leg back. Once again, fans were treated to an eyeful of her defined derriere in the skintight pants.

O’Mahony was filmed from behind for the last clip as she completed the session with leg curls.

For the caption, the model mentioned this would be the last gym upload for the foreseeable future and added words of encouragement for her followers. She included a flex emoji along with several hashtags before uploading the footage Tuesday, October 20.

Many of O’Mahony’s 697,000 Instagram followers flocked to the videos, and more than 14,000 found their way to the like button in just about 11 hours. She also had close to 100 comments in that time, as her replies were flooded with fire emoji, compliments, and words of support.

“You got this girl,” one follower wrote.

“My inspiration,” another commented, adding two heart-eye emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week O’Mahony showed serious cleavage in a revealing pink top.