Ashleigh Jordan Flaunts Peachy Booty In Hot-Pink Leggings For Glutes Workout

A close-up of Ashleigh Jordan's face.
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan posted a new workout video series to Instagram on Tuesday, October 6, in which she showed off her peachy booty while training her glute muscles.

For the workout, Ashleigh wore an outfit from her personal activewear brand NVGTN that consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The white bra included a low neckline and crisscrossing straps along the upper back in an intricate pattern. It cut off at the top of her rib cage, showing plenty of skin along her toned tummy. The eye was also drawn to her muscular arms and shoulders. On her lower half, the pink leggings rose high on her hips and contoured to her curvy booty and legs while emphasizing her narrow waist.

Ashleigh completed the look with her blond tresses styled in two French braids that trailed over her shoulders. She accessorized with a silver pendant necklace and a large diamond ring on her left hand.

The training session took place in an indoor gym where Ashleigh made use of a variety of equipment and weight machines. She demonstrated a total of four exercises that were each split into an individual video clip. In the fifth slide, Ashleigh gave her signature Fit Tip of the Day.

The workout began with a set of lying cable abductions. The fitness trainer positioned her body on her side with her weight supported on one forearm. She wrapped a black resistance band around her thighs and then proceeded to open and close her legs. The second clip featured the cable single leg abduction using the specialized machine. Ashleigh gripped the structure with one hand while resting the other on her hip. She attached the cable to one ankle and pulled her leg outward in repetitive movements.

The single leg kneeling thrust followed in the third video. Ashleigh used a pair of dumbbells for the move, which she positioned on top of her shoulders. She completed the routine with the reverse frogger variation. For this move, she positioned herself on her stomach on an exercise bench.

In the caption, Ashleigh wrote out the number of sets and reps trainees should complete for each move. She also announced a new launch from her activewear brand and told her fans she couldn’t wait for them to see what was coming.

The glute routine proved to be popular, gaining nearly 50,000 likes and a few hundred comments within the first day.