Candace Cameron Bure Enjoys A Pool Day In A Bikini: 'Feeling Blessed, Never Stressed'

Stacy Carey

Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure shared a fun video via her Instagram page on Sunday. The 44-year-old mom-of-three spent a sunny day enjoying the pool and she seemed to be feeling quite content.

The short video clip showed Candace on a yellow float that glided over the blue pool water. She wore a floppy straw hat that was pulled low down over her face and blond tresses and she rested one hand behind her head. Her other hand seemed to be holding her camera as she briefly recorded herself.

Candace started to smile midway through the clip, her face brightening with each passing second. The positioning of the camera limited the shot to just her upper body.

Despite that positioning, fans of the actress did get a glimpse of her killer physique. She wore a strapless bandeau bikini top that was black with white polka dots on it. Everybody did get to see a glimpse of Candace's bare midriff, but there was nothing too risque about this top.

In less than a full day, the upload was liked more than 64,000 times by the Fuller House star's 4.5 million followers. In addition, 525 people commented, and most of them adored the video.

"You are amazing! I love your swimsuit and hat. Thank you for spreading kindness, love and sharing your love for Jesus," one fan praised.

"You're a cutie pie!" another declared.

"You're such a ray of sunshine," commented a follower.

"Your smile makes my heart melt!" detailed someone else.

Candace looked content and relaxed while she enjoyed her sunny Sunday. However, her fans know that her life has had its challenges lately. About a week ago, the actress shared some photos of the wildfires that had edged close to her home.

Luckily, it seemed that the concern over the fires must have dissipated enough to allow Candace to relax to a degree. She appeared committed to embracing the positives while enjoying the calm of the pool water.

Quite a few people mentioned the fires and noted that they were hoping Candace's home had remained safe. Others took note of the phrasing she used in her caption and said they would try to embrace the same type of positive mindset.

Everything about Candace's upload emitted a positive vibe, and it seemed to inspire many of her followers.