Laura Sagra Shares Killer Shoulder Workout Routine in Skimpy Sports Bra & Camo Shorts

Laura Sagra snaps a selfie.
Laura Sagra / Instagram

Laura Sagra stunned her Instagram followers with a killer workout video that captured her in a skimpy outfit. The model posted the update on Sunday, October 4, and proved that her dedication to her fitness routine doesn’t take a break for the weekend.

The Colombian blonde shared a workout that targeted the triceps and shoulders. According to Google Translate, her caption stated that she was sharing four exercises and that she thinks well-defined shoulders are cute and sensual.

Laura started the routine by combining a few exercises. She lowered herself into a deep squat position before raising her dumbbells in front of her in a classic shoulder raise. While her arms were already raised, she extended them out to the sides before bringing her hands back together again. At that point, Laura stood up again.

The social media star then executed a standing dumbbell fly. She showed perfect form by placing her feet shoulder-width apart and keeping her knees relaxed. The fitness maven took a break and took a sip of a sponsored energy drink before moving on with her routine.

The influencer again combined two moves for maximum impact. This time around, she kept one hand raised horizontally and performed a single-arm dumbbell push press with the other.

Laura’s final exercise was an alternating dumbbell push press. She lifted each weight up in alternate succession in a fiery sequence that was sure to burn fat and increase muscle.

Laura looked magnificent in an encapsulation sports bra that could easily double as a crop top. The built-in cups of the black bra allowed for a wide range of movement while still offering support as she completed the exercises. The bra had a plunging neckline that revealed her bounteous cleavage and bronzed décolletage. It also had some interesting details at the straps. At the start of each double strap was a khaki button that added to her military look.

The model teamed the top with a tiny pair of shorts. The camo fabric clung to her toned booty and put her muscular thighs on display. The top and bottoms allowed Laura to flaunt her chiseled abs and minuscule waist.

Laura accessorized with a delicate gold necklace around her neck. The chain had a cross pendant that drew attention to her upper body. She rocked a pair of black-and-blue sneakers to complete her workout ensemble.

Anllela Sagra’s little sister wore her hair in a deep side part. She allowed her straight blond locks to cascade down her shoulders and back in casual disarray.

Her fans loved the update. This particular post has already accumulated over 22,000 likes.

One of her admirers said she was “beautiful” while another called her “my love.”