Paige VanZant Shares Stunning Wedding Photos On Two-Year Anniversary

Professional fighter Paige VanZant reminisced about her wedding day by sharing snapshots of her and her husband, Austin Vanderford, on their special day to her Instagram.

In a compilation of 10 pictures, VanZant posted adorable moments from the couple's wedding day to celebrate their two-year anniversary.

In the first shot, the 26-year-old held her husband's hand as her elegant white dress fluttered in the air. Her tattooed partner looked dashing in a pair of straight-cut gray dress pants, a short-sleeved white button-down shirt, and suspenders.

Even more adorable than the previous picture, her second featured VanZant standing behind her partner, as her arms hugged his chest. The two gazed into each other's eyes and smiled. VanZant's hair was fashioned into a few beautiful braids, while the rest of her long blond locks fell down her shoulders.

The next two photos captured the newlyweds standing at the altar. In perhaps the most eye-catching shot of the post, the two engaged in a passionate kiss. VanZant's right hand rested on Vanderford's waist as he placed both hands gently on her neck.

VanZant also shared individual photos of both her and her husband from their memorable event. In her picture, she looked down at a bouquet of sunflowers she held and smiled softly. In this close-up shot, her 2.7 million followers were able to get a good glimpse of her beauty.

In the seventh snap, the stunning bride and her man shared another kiss in front of an amazing background. As his hands were placed in his pockets, VanZant's left arm rested on his side.

The backdrop of the photo consisted of deep blue waves crashing on the shoreline, alongside a massive sloping brown rock. The scenery added to the romance of the picture.

The last two shots of her post were close-up images of the couple as they put rings on each other's hand. VanZant accessorized with a diamond-studded bracelet, as Vanderford wore a brown watch.

VanZant's followers added nearly 100 comments in just 30 minutes, and they seemingly could not get over how heartwarming the post was.

"You're a gorgeous Bride," one fan remarked.

"BEAUTIFUL, CONGRATS PAIGE," another follower exclaimed, as they added a row of heart emoji to their comment.

"Forever obsessed with your wedding hair," a third user admitted.

Alongside the praise VanZant's supporters offered her, numerous people wished the couple a happy anniversary. Her fans are often in awe of the fighter's effortless ability to capture their attention, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

In under an hour, her series of pictures accumulated well over 6,000 likes.