‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans React To Tyra Banks’ Surprising Minnie Mouse Look For Disney Night

The supermodel offered a cheeky take on the classic character.

Tyra Banks poses at Dancing With the Stars
Kelsey McNeal / ABC

The supermodel offered a cheeky take on the classic character.

Tyra Banks dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Dancing with the Stars Disney Night, but not all viewers loved the look.

Hours after teasing the “ultimate fantasy” for her Disney Night ensemble, the supermodel surprised fans by not dressing as an iconic queen or villain, but instead as the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse.

Tyra took the DWTS stage wearing a red and white polka-dot skirt with a bustier-style top and long train in the back. She also wore glittery mouse ears, a red bow, and bright yellow shoes to complete her look. The TV host’s long hair was teased into a wild mane as she channeled the iconic character.

In the caption to a photo of her Disney-themed look shared on her Instagram page, Tyra gave a shout-out to Minnie as she told the fictional pop culture icon that she hoped to make her “proud” as she channeled her for the magical edition of the celebrity ballroom competition.

While Tyra’s cheeky take on the classic character was seen as a cute nod by some, others were confused by the look. In the comments section to the post, some harsh commenters told Tyra it wasn’t her best look and questioned what her stylists were doing.

“Why in the flipping f*ck would they dress you sis like that?! WHY?!” one viewer asked.

“Costumes peep def don’t like her, it was a horrendous look,” another replied.

“As a model & mentor to future models, I don’t understand your fashion,” a third wrote. “Sorry, you are beautiful but need a better stylist!”

“Not your best look…just saying,” another viewer told Tyra.

Tyra did have some supporters, with some saying they were “obsessed” with her cute outfit and others noting that Minnie never looked so gorgeous.

While not everyone loved the outfit, it could have been worse. Had Tyra come out dressed as a famous Disney queen, she likely would have been slammed for making herself the center of attention. The America’s Next Top Model alum has already been accused of making Dancing With the Stars all about her, so her cute take on a classic character was less dramatic and more “fun,” even if not everyone loved the look.

Although her outfit was a little loud, Tyra’s hosting style seemed more subdued this week. After she was slammed for interrupting the judges and not letting the contestants talk last week, Tyra allowed for more time or the celebrities to speak. She also talked slower as she read lines from the teleprompter one week after admitting to her fans that she “messed up” with her hosting but still kept going.