Sara Underwood Shakes Her Booty While Carrying Her Morning Coffee

Sara Underwood attends the 2007 ESPYS.
Vince Bucci / Getty Images

Model, influencer and former Attack of the Show! host Sara Underwood proved with her latest Instagram share that she knows how to project sex appeal with little to no effort. On Friday, September 25, the 36-year-old managed to enthrall her 9 million followers with a short video that showed her picking up a coffee mug, strolling through her abode and sitting in a love seat.

Throughout the clip, fans were primarily offered a first-person view by Underwood as she navigated her surroundings. However, shortly after procuring her cup, she paused momentarily before a mirror to blow a kiss and offer a slight shake of her shapely booty.

That brief interlude was all it took to rile a segment of her following, as the post’s comments included words of affection from a number of fans.

“You look amazing,” raved one admirer. “So beautiful.”

“She’s a beauty,” added a second fan.

“Ur posts are getting better n better,” stated another smitten user.

“So cute,” contributed a fourth fan, who also referenced the former Playboy Playmate of the Year’s posterior by including a peach emoji.

The clip, which was captured in its entirety by Underwood using her smartphone, began with the social media star reaching for a beige-tinged mug that looked to be filled with nearly-black coffee. In the background, George Strait’s 1983 cover of the country hit, “Amarillo by Morning,” provided an in-scene backing track.

After clutching her cup from beside the kitchen sink, Underwood turned to her left and approached a large mirror, which subsequently offered a look at the full breadth of her delicate, sinuous frame.

The model was wearing ribbed, cream-colored pants that were slightly loose in the legs while conforming more tightly to her hips and backside. Her tiny blue top offered a glimpse at her cleavage, as well as a dose of underboob through a small opening in the front.

Underwood was wearing thick-framed glasses in the shot, and her shoulder-length hair messily draped to both sides from a middle part.

While standing before the mirror, Underwood gave a slight twist of her right hip, then turned about to give a quick booty shake for the camera. She further teased her viewers by blowing a quick kiss before continuing on her way.

The short clip came to a close with Underwood eventually finding her spot on a seat that rested across from the mirror, which she raised her mug to as she documented the display with her device.

Simple though it was, Underwood’s share inspired a high level of activity, notching almost 20,000 views in its first hour after being uploaded.

One day earlier, The Inquisitr reported on another of Underwood’s posts, which featured her rocking a cleavage-baring dress with a plunging neckline while in Greece.