Tennis Champ Naomi Osaka Flaunts Derriere In Revealing Bikini That Complements Her Snack

US Open champion Naomi Osaka brought some heat to her Instagram page on Thursday with a sun-drenched bikini photo. The snapshot was taken as she enjoyed a healthy snack.

The 22-year-old tennis player isn't shy about showing off her killer figure on social media, much to the delight of her Instagram followers. The latest revealing look that had them going wild was a tiny two-piece. It was a pale green color that popped against Naomi's dark skin. The bathing suit also spotlighted her curvy derriere, thanks to its revealing cut.

Naomi's bottoms had thick sides that stretched high over her hips. The garment appeared to be a thong, but the position of her body hid the back from view. She sat on a lounger beside a pool. She was photographed from the side, and the shot was taken at a low angle. This kept most of the focus on her shapely right thigh and voluptuous backside, which were both near the camera.

Naomi bent both knees and sat on her left foot. She reached to the side of her left knee with her right hand. This made her shoulder jut forward, obscuring the lower half of her face. She coyly peeked back at the camera over her shoulder. Even though her mouth couldn't be seen, she seemed to be smiling.

Naomi's top had spaghetti straps and cups that provided a generous amount of coverage on the side. Her bikini was a Frankie's Bikinis design, as indicated by one of the tags that she added to the post. She also tagged her boyfriend, rapper YBN Cordae, seemingly giving him credit for snapping the photo.

Cordae captured the beaming sun in his stunning snapshot, which brought out the warm highlights in Naomi's dark hair, making a few of her curls appear to glow. The photo also included the healthy snack the tennis star was enjoying as she soaked up some rays. A cup full of green grapes sat on the lounger beside her. The color of the small juicy fruits perfectly complemented her bikini.

Fans of the three-time Grand Slam champion shared their appreciation for her Instagram post in the comments section.

"I don't know who shine brighter you or the sun," read one remark.

"Baby got back!" gushed another admirer.

"All that thickness. Damn," said a third fan.

While most of the responses to Naomi's pic were positive, she has had to clap back at critics of some of her sexier social media snapshots. Earlier this summer, she called out the internet trolls who complained that she wasn't maintaining an "innocent image" by wearing skimpy swimsuits.