‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: Could Popcorn Be Tina Turner?

American singer, songwriter, and actress Tina Turner performs at the Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK, 11th March 1985.
John Rogers / Getty Images

Last night, the first episode of Season 4 of The Masked Singer had everyone talking and guessing who could be underneath the costumes. One contestant in particular that made a big impression on the panelists — Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong — was Popcorn.

As seen on Talent Recap’s official YouTube channel, which you can watch here, Popcorn performed one of Pink’s recent hits, “What About Us,” for their debut performance.

It’s clear that Popcorn is a female with a well-trained voice and a whole lot of range. The panel was stunned by their vocals and stood up for the performance.

In their first clue package, Popcorn expressed that to get where they are today, they had to work long nights, rushing from one job to the next. A plate of meatloaf was also shown next to a bitten apple and a snake. When they were younger, they used to cut pictures out of Vogue magazine and ended up with a life that allowed them to jet set to “exotic places with royalty.” At the end of the clip, Popcorn was standing in front of a “Proud Merry-Go-Round” ride.

When it came down to the panel’s guesses, they went with some bold names.

Thicke explained that when he heard the first note from Popcorn, he believed he had heard that voice before.

After seeing the “Proud Merry-Go-Round” sign, McCarthy stated it could be the legendary music icon Tina Turner.

Jeong went with a wild guess and said Carole Baskin after seeing a tiger shown.

Scherzinger noticed the hoop earrings on the goldfish and a Puff reference, which could link to Puff Daddy, so she guessed the talented singer Mary J. Blige.

Tina Tuner arrives at the Giorgio Armani fashion show that is part of Milan ready-to-wear collections Autumn/Winter 2007 demonstration on February 19, 2007 in Milan, Italy.
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Fans on social media seem to agree with McCarthy and think that Turner might in fact be singing underneath the costume.

“Popcorn is Tina Turner. I’m calling it now. Though I’ve guessed she’s been on every season and was totally wrong lol #maskedsinger,” one user tweeted, as seen here.

“Is Tina Turner playing popcorn on The Masked Singer?!?! That would be simply the best!” another person shared on Twitter. You can view that tweet here.

“I whole heartedly believe Tina Turner is the popcorn on #TheMaskedSinger I said it before the judges even mentioned it,” remarked a third Twitter user, as seen here.

Popcorn currently remains in the competition, meaning viewers will have to continue watching the season to find out if Turner is actually underneath the mask.

Last night, Dragon was the first contestant eliminated, which was revealed to be a legendary rapper.