Liz Katz Shows Off Baby Bump & Cleavage, Provides New Pregnancy Update On Instagram

Cosplay model Liz Katz poses for a selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

On Monday, cosplay model Liz Katz took to Instagram to share a new photo of herself showcasing her baby bump. She also provided a big update on her pregnancy, informing her 1.3 million followers about an important decision she had recently made.

In the new image, Liz appeared to be at home, where a white door was visible in the background as she took a selfie. The model rocked a black robe that she mostly wore open, tying it right above her belly to put the focus on her baby bump. She also sported a revealing gray top underneath the robe, and it had a low-cut design that left much of her cleavage visible.

Liz wore her long blond hair down and unstyled, and had a slightly stern expression on her face while posing for the snap. This matched the seemingly serious nature of her caption, where she informed her fans that she had opted not to take any pain-killing medication when she gives birth. She asked them if they want her to post a video explaining her decision and ended her caption by jokingly getting one possible reason behind her choice out of the way.

In the 16 hours since the post was shared, it has gotten more than 33,000 likes from Liz’s fanbase. Her followers also left more than 400 replies in the comments section. Unlike most of her previous posts, where the comments mostly came from people complimenting the cosplayer on her looks and/or her outfits, a good number of fans either took time to answer the question she posed in the caption, discussed their personal experiences with unmedicated births, or simply wished her the best as her pregnancy journey continues.

“If you’d like to share your reasoning, of course!” wrote one follower. “It’s definitely interesting and even educational! But it’s also your personal decision, so totally up to you if you want to talk about it online or not.”

“You don’t need to explain sh*t to anyone, IMO,” another person advised.

“My wife rocked it like a BOSS! a water birth,” shared a third Instagram user. “Was astonishing to witness.”

“Oh well l hope everything goes well. take your control friend. take care that you are very well. regards,” a fourth individual noted, punctuating their comment with multiple hugging-face and heart emoji.

Just one day prior to the new update, Liz posted another photo that seemed to have been taken at home, similarly showcasing her cleavage as she rocked a black mini dress and purple Minnie Mouse ears, expressing how much she misses Disney.