Kristen Bell Pees Inside Dax Shepard's New Car In Photo Shared By Husband

Kristen Bell got social media shamed by her husband for peeing inside his new car. On Sunday, Dax Shepard took to Instagram to provide evidence of his wife's actions. The photo he posted can be viewed here.

Dax, 45, revealed that his shiny black Dodge Charger Hellcat was just 36 hours old at the time his picture was snapped. In the caption of his post, he made it clear that he wasn't happy about his wife using his brand new vehicle like a public restroom.

"So much disrespect that I almost have to respect it," he wrote.

The visual that he shared was a selfie taken from the driver's side. He wore a white protective face mask over the lower half of his face, but he successfully expressed his disapproval by glaring at the camera and knitting his brows into a frown. He wore a gray T-shirt with a likeness of musician Waylon Jennings on it.

Kristen, 40, had on a dark pink sweat top and matching sweatpants. The waistband of her pants was pulled down so that her upper left thigh was exposed. Her heels were up on the seat on the passenger's side, and she was squatting over a clear plastic cup with a small amount of a bright orange substance inside of it. She used her hands to hold the cup in place while contorting her body so that the top of her head was to the camera.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard surprise expecting moms with a shopping cart full of baby essentials from their line, Hello Bello
Getty Images | Wesley Hitt

The candid image amassed over 178,000 likes and a flood of messages. Many fans made observations about the photo in the comments section of the post. One person commended Kristen for placing one of the rubber mats from the floor underneath her to protect the seat's upholstery in case of an accident.

"Oh you think that was her idea?" read Dax's reply.

Kristen responded to her husband's post by explaining that her decision to pee in the car was health-related.

"I dont eff with public restrooms during a pandemic. Sorry not sorry," she wrote.

A number of people let Kristen know that they felt the same way about using public bathrooms right now. She also received a lot of praise for being so skilled at peeing in a cup. One famous face who applauded her unusual talent was actor Justin Long, who worked with Kristen on the movie Serious Moonlight and the animated series Unsupervised. His comment included a hilarious reference to her earworm from the Disney movie Frozen.

"'Let it go, let it go!!' Yet ANOTHER really impressive thing KBell does!" he wrote.

One Instagram user advised Kristen to bring some diapers with her to stick in her pants when she's traveling and really needs to go. Earlier this year, The Good Place actress revealed that her 5-year-old daughter, Delta, was still wearing diapers, so she might have some around the house already.