Lauren Dascalo Shakes Maracas While Rocking Red Bikini & Colorful Accessories In Mexico

Lauren Dascalo snaps a selfie.
Lauren Dascalo / Instagram

Lauren Dascalo gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at one of her photo shoots in Mexico on Monday. The model posted a video on Instagram in which she rocked a red chain bikini and colorful accessories as she played around with a pair of maracas. The minuscule outfit perfectly showcased her curves.

The video showed Lauren posing on a straw mat in Tulum, according to the post’s geotag. Behind her, a wooden and wire fence could be seen, as well as a blue lounge chair. The scene was surrounded by tall palm trees that gently blew in the breeze. The influencer appeared to be having a blast with her instruments.

Lauren sported a triangle-shaped bikini top with chains on both strings. The cups did very little to contain her ample cleavage, which spilled out at the center. Additionally, the sides curved inward, so her sideboob was on show.

Lauren’s rock-hard abs were on display between the top and a matching U-shaped thong. The front part of her bottoms dipped down her waist to show off her tummy. The sides were made entirely of gold hoops and came up high above her hips, emphasizing her curvy figure. Her long, lean legs were on show as well.

The model finished off her look with a unique statement necklace made of silver beads and rainbow-colored pom-poms, as well as a matching set of earrings. She also wore a white fedora covered in bright artwork.

One highlight from the clip featured Lauren posing on her knees with her legs spread as she shook the red-and-green maracas. She was also captured lying on her back and sitting up with one leg pulled into her body. At one point, the babe took a sip of a Bang Energy drink and shook her shoulders as she stuck her tongue out.

In the caption, Lauren revealed that this was one of her favorite ensembles from the trip.

The clip garnered more than 132,000 views and nearly 200 comments in under a day as fans expressed admiration for the fitness guru in the comments section.

“I get stoked whenever you create a Bang Energy commercial Lauren. You are beyond amazing,” one fan wrote.

“Crushing it as usual, pretty woman,” another user added with flame emoji.

“This is insaneeee,” a third person wrote.

Lauren always knows how to drive her fans wild. In another share, she sported light gray lingerie that did nothing but favors for her booty.