Bruna Rangel Lima Shows Off Enviable Curves As She Showcases Her Hair Color In Latest Instagram Update

Instagram model Bruna Rangel Lima once again showed off her new color to her 4.1 million followers with her recent post. The video, which was posted on Tuesday, September 15, saw the celebrity doing a slow twirl as she revealed her style update as well as her enviable curves.

Bruna wore a blue bandanna tied around her midriff as a makeshift top in her latest update. The item of clothing hugged her form and highlighted not only her cleavage but her tiny waist as she spun around. She teamed this with a pair of faded denim Levi jeans. As she twirled, her pert derriere became the focal point of the video.

However, it was Bruna's new color that the celebrity really wanted to highlight, indicating in her caption that change can certainly be a good thing. Standing front on to the camera, the Instagram sensation reached up and played with her locks, which were straightened and parted down the center. She then turned to the side, looking over her shoulder at her intended audience briefly before continuing to spin. Pausing once completely turned around, her supporters got to see how her hair hung after being colored.

Bruna ran her fingers through her tresses before turning back to face the camera once more. Smiling, she then fiddled with the front of her hair as she looked at something that was off-screen before the clip ended.

As soon as Bruna posted the video, her followers were quick to respond. Within an hour, the clip had already garnered more than 7,400 likes and plenty of comments from her legions of fans.

"So Beautiful and so Cute," one follower wrote in the comments section.

While her curves were popular, many of her supporters were keen to discuss the change in hair color. The vast majority deciding that the new style choice was successful.

"Brunette bae," a fan declared.

"Anything and everything is so good with you Bruna," another user stated.

"Blonds are sexy but brunettes are [smoking] hot," a fourth person wrote, also adding an array of emoji for further emphasis.

Many of her followers simply used emoji rather than words in order to convey how they felt. The most popular appeared to be the heart, heart-eyed, and fire emoji.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bruna first revealed her surprise style update in a snap shared with her official social media account yesterday. As soon as the image dropped, fans were quick to note the difference, and many were enamored with her darker locks.