'Selling Sunset' Star Christine Quinn Says She's A 'Mess' As She Goes Rogue In Stylish New Photo

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn shared a surprisingly relatable post on Instagram. The gorgeous luxury realtor posted a stylish glam photo, but one of her fingers missed the memo.

In the new photo shared to her social media page, Christine, 31, was pictured from behind wearing an oversized sun hat as she lounged on a beach chair. The Netflix reality star was wrapped in white hotel towels with her reading material, Ayn Rand's The New Intelligence, on her lap. She also had a bottle of Chanel lotion nearby and a designer bag of the same name.

Christine held her hat with one hand and her purse with the other, thus displaying her dazzling manicure and collection of rings, including her jaw-dropping wedding set from her husband, Christian Richard.

She geotagged the stylized pic, which can be seen below, at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in France, and included a cheeky caption about how direct deposit is her love language.

While Christine's style appeared to be on point at first glance, several of her more than 1 million Instagram followers zeroed in on the one "flaw": a missing nail on her pinky finger.

"Pinky finger gone rogue," one eagle-eyed fan wrote.

Other fans could totally relate to the faux pas.

"The one nail missing is meee," one fan wrote, to which Christine replied, "IKR, Trying so hard to be cool but imma mess."

When another fan added, "Oh nooo the pinky nail," Christine wrote back with, "Lost like my morals."

In a separate comment, Christine told a fan that the missing manicure nail "fell off."

Christine is known for her glam, so it's no wonder that some followers noticed the not-so-perfect detail in the photo.

The blond beauty recently told Vogue that she spends two to three hours getting ready to go out and that she spends a pretty penny on it.

"My glam isn't cheap, either—$1,000 a day, if I go all out," she said. "It's expensive to look this cheap."

As for her comment about direct deposit being her love language, her fans know that she does plenty of depositing into her own bank account.

While she married a wealthy man last December, the fashionista is self-made. The Selling Sunset star told Variety she had her own money before marrying Christian, and that she made her first million from property and investments. Once she was financially secure, she was ready to meet someone on her own "level."