Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Voluptuous Curves In Hilariously Adorable 'She's All That' Parody Video

Megan Thee Stallion stunned and delighted her fans on Saturday with a humorous and charming video posted to her Instagram. In the share, Megan walked down a flight of stairs to Sixpence None the Richer's 1997 hit, "Kiss Me," imitating a classic scene from 1999 teen comedy, She's All That.

The hit track was edited to the clip accordingly as Megan adorably walked down the stairs, first wearing a casual, black two-piece outfit, a tight tube skirt, and a tube top with one strap slung over her right shoulder. She also wore a long-sleeved green sweatshirt tied around her waist and a white baseball cap on top of her long, flowing dark locks.

She carried a purse on her shoulder and had a phone in her hand, giving a "coming-home-from-school" vibe to fit the video concept.

In the second shot, the video cut to Megan in a revealing outfit, with shorts with white stripes up the sides and tie in the front. The 25-year-old showed off her toned midriff with a tied up black T-shirt that had "SUGA" written in white letters over an open mouth with a tongue sticking out.

As she walked down the stairwell, Megan tossed her curled black hair from left to right and even bent over at one point to flip her long hair over her head in a sultry manner. She gave coy, sweet looks at an imagined audience behind the camera, playfully referencing Laney Boggs' (Rachel Leigh Cook) iconic "reveal" entrance in the original movie.

The rap star noted in her caption how she was imagining if she had her own "'90s coming down the stairs scene" and also hilariously twerked on the staircase toward the end of the clip.

Megan's 15 million viewers were quick to show the rapper some love, appreciating not only her amazing figure, but the adorable parody take on a '90s classic teen comedy. Within just three hours, the post racked up more than 810,000 views and over 5,300 comments.

"It's the fact that I actually love this song," wrote one admiring fan, adding numerous crying-laughing emoji to their comment.

"When you heard this song, you knew the movie was lit!" exclaimed one follower, sharing their admiration for Megan's sweet throwback.

"Haha we might have to get this Romantic Comedy rolling starring Meg & Romeo," wrote MTV host Romeo Miller.

"This is literally my favorite song n concept," pal and fellow pop star singer SZA wrote in the comments section, adding a crying face emoji to express her overwhelming feelings about the cute post.

In addition to the numerous comments left from fans raving about Megan's upload, many simply left crying-laughing emoji to share their emphatic emotions for the Instagram share.