Yaslen Clemente Showcases Curves In Skimpy Snakeskin Bikini

Model, social media influencer and fitness maven Yaslen Clemente has resumed the shooting of new content following her rhinoplasty, according to her latest update on Instagram. To celebrate the occasion, the 23-year-old included a particularly spicy photo with the Friday, August 14, update. This showed her posing in a scanty bikini with an exotic snakeskin print that perfectly conformed to her body's taut, yet curvaceous features.

While the front of her body was facing the camera as the picture was snapped -- which made for a tempting display of her ample bosom -- Yaslen's rear-side assets were similarly displayed in the snap, thanks the reflection provided by the large mirror that stood beside her.

In the caption, Yaslen credited Aqilla Swimwear for creating the tiny two-piece ensemble she wore. Regardless of its origin, though, the skimpy garment made for an ideal adornment of her naturally sinuous frame. As the picture was snapped, the thin, orange straps of Yaslen's thong bottoms clung to her hips, accentuating the dimensional shift between them and the much narrower span of her hips. On her right side, the model tugged slightly at one of the straps in a teasing fashion.

Just above the garment, her toned midsection was left exposed. So, too, were her muscular thighs just below her bottoms, one of which was being caressed by her off-hand.

Meanwhile, the upper half of the photo's frame was dominated by Yaslen's bust, which was perfectly encapsulated by her tight top, as well as her beautiful face. Rather than looking directly at the camera's lens for the shot, Yaslen focused her gaze off to her right. As she did so, she parted her lips in a seductive manner and allowed the blond ends of her shoulder-length hair to partially obscure her right eye.

All the while, the reflection of her backside's round cheeks remained in focus amid an otherwise muted background in the photo.

Yaslen's latest dose of Instagram eye candy proved popular with a sizable contingent of her 2.1 million followers on the platform, earning nearly 10,000 likes in less than an hour after appearing on her feed. Furthermore, myriad positive replies were left by her fans in the post's comment thread.

"Gorgeous shot babe," opined one user.

"Marry me lol," demanded a second admirer.

"Love ya Yas," added a third fan in appreciation of the post.

"Oh wow you're so beautiful," wrote another. "So hot baby...what a beautiful view."

Although Yaslen had previously taken a break from posting new shots as she recovered, she continued to fill her feed with sexy throwback pics. As shared by The Inquisitr on August 12, one such snap showed her posing in a particularly vibrant monokini.