Caroline O’Mahony Flaunts Insane Physique On Spa Day In Latest Update

Selfie of Caroline O'Mahony
Caroline O'Mahony / Instagram

Irish fitness model Caroline O’Mahony took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon with a stunning snap of herself in a revealing bikini, to the delight of her 673,000 Instagram followers. The social media celebrity indicated that she was taking a well-deserved day off and spending it at what appeared to be a luxurious spa.

The post garnered over 7,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Caroline wore a tiny mismatched bathing suit that displayed her fit, muscular figure. Her voluptuous breasts almost spilled out of the soft, triangular cups that made up the top of the suit. Lightweight white fabric stretched across her curves, and the revealing dip in the center helped her show off an ample amount of cleavage.

Vertical lines of muscular definition trailed from her rib cage all the way down her torso. The lavender bikini bottoms rested over both hips and dipped down in the center of her taut belly, several inches below her navel.

Caroline posed while sitting on the edge of a navy chaise longue with pink piping. Both knees were bent and facing one side of the camera. She pointed her toes and balanced them on the stone tile floor, activating the muscles in her long, lean legs.

Her back was arched and she leaned back on her right arm, flexing her slender figure. She rested her left palm on the corresponding knee, with her fingers outstretched.

Caroline’s long, squared nails were painted with a creative modification of a French manicure, featuring nude polish and black edges.

Her mahogany tresses were parted off-center and styled straight, spilling over one shoulder and grazing the inside of her arm. The dark shade of her hair beautifully complimented her freckled complexion and huge blue eyes.

Caroline sat in front of a pair of matching panels featuring an exquisite abstract design in black and cream. The camera flash reflected in one bright spot off the shiny, lacquered surface.

The lounge on which she perched seemed to be surrounded by a four-poster structure from which two sets of gauzy white curtains were attached. They were drawn back in every corner into long, flowing bunches tied with gold-colored ribbon.

A fluffy towel with a lined texture was rolled up on the cushion behind Caroline’s hand.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Caroline spent a sunny day at the beach last week, in which she showed off her well-earned physique in a pink thong bikini that looked gorgeous against her golden tan.