'Below Deck Mediterranean' Star Hannah Ferrier Calls Captain Sandy's Drug Accusation An 'Absolute Nightmare'

Kristen Markel

Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier took to Twitter on Monday to share her thoughts on the latest episode. The chief stewardess described being accused of having drugs onboard in Captain Sandy Yawn's office as an "absolute nightmare" and explained exactly what was in the photo that landed her in hot water. Hannah also questioned the timing of the incident.

"Imagine being in the midst of anxiety and just coming off a violent panic attack and having your boss accuse you of having 'drugs onbaord [sic]' with a camera in your face... It was truley [sic] one of the worst experiences of my life," she wrote.

Hannah came under fire from Sandy after a picture surfaced that included some items from her purse. Malia White captured the image, which included a few questionable things, and sent it along to the captain. Hannah explained exactly what was in the photo.

"So that's prescribed Valium, CBD (which is legal in Spain), a lighter (not sure what this has to do with anything) and my passport holder," she tweeted.

The chief stewardess also took the opportunity to call out Malia's "arranging skills." The bosun had to go into her bunkmate's purse and lay out the items to capture the image that landed Hannah in trouble.

The timing of Malia's photo was also something Hannah questioned. She openly took a Valium after suffering from a panic attack during the last episode, and Malia woke up to assist her bunkmate and even helped her find the pill. The information was not brought to the captain's attention then, instead it was brought up a few days later.

"She went into my cabin AFTER we had the fight about cabin arrangements," Hannah explained.

The women argued after Hannah refused to change cabins to accommodate Malia's request to room with her boyfriend, the new chef. Malia's request change would leave the stewardesses, Christine "Bugsy" Drake and Hannah, living together. The two have had a rocky relationship and weren't keen on sharing a cabin.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there have been several scenes throughout the season that showed Hannah taking a pill at the end of the night. Some fans even called out production for making it appear as though there was an issue. The chief stewardess insisted that she had been taking Advil to reduce the inflammation on her swollen feet. She called this season "weird AF" while commenting that yachting was a "young person's game."