Kelly Ripa Teases New Season Of ‘Live!’ With Laugh-Out-Loud Video

Live with Kelly & Ryan” co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

Kelly Ripa teased the new season of Live! with Kelly and Ryan on Instagram with a laugh-out-loud video upload. The cute clip showed both Kelly and her co-host Ryan Seacrest readying themselves for the upcoming season in different, yet very similar, ways. The upload did not reveal an official start date for the daytime talk show, just that it was returning this fall.

The cute clip began with the tune “Sunday Best” by Surfaces as Kelly and Ryan woke in their respective homes to begin their day. In the split-screen video, Kelly wore a pale pink, striped pajama topper and clips in her hair as she lay underneath an orange quilt. Her head rested on a dark blue pillow. Ryan sported blue sleepwear with white piping. His bedding was a stark contrast in pure white. The two were then seen as they brushed their teeth alongside one another.

Following the personal hygiene moment, a slate appeared with the words “look who’s getting ready.” In a different series of shots, Kelly’s head was featured at the top of the frame as she applied lip gloss while Ryan’s torso appeared at the bottom of the clip as he buttoned a blue shirt. The same angle was used as Ryan poured a healthy green drink, the liquid appearing to fall into Kelly’s Live! coffee cup.

Kelly and Ryan were filmed as they sat in two separate areas. The talk show host wore a patterned dress. She put on shoes, only to realize they belonged to Ryan. She tossed them off-camera and Ryan appeared to catch the footwear and placed them on his feet. He was dressed in a dark-colored shirt and black pants. The two then exited their respective residences.

The video ended with the words “the perfect pair for a perfect morning.”

Fans loved the montage and are looking forward to an all-new season of the series. It was not revealed if the daytime talker would be returning to film in its ABC studio for the new shows. Some Instagram users wondered about this in the comments section of the share.

“Excited! Curious to know if you guys will be together or still remote? Love watching the show either way. It’s the highlight of my morning!” said one follower.

“That is really well-done guys. Quarantine promo. Love it,” remarked a second fan.

“Back in studio I hope this means???” questioned a third Instagram user.