Qimmah Russo Displays Ripped Biceps And Killer Quads Wearing Skintight Calvin Klein Booty Shorts

Qimmah Russo attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event
David Livingston / Getty Images

Fitness model Qimmah Russo wowed her 1.5 million Instagram followers with her incredible physique in her most recent update on Sunday morning. The incredibly fit social media celebrity shared a pair of selfies that showed off her amazing physique. The post racked up almost 12,000 likes in just over 30 minutes after it was uploaded.

Qimmah wore a tight black sports bra with formfitting cups and a low-cut neckline that displayed the tops of her perfectly rounded breasts and enviable cleavage. There was a small Adidas logo printed in white on the band around her rib cage, in the center just below her bust. Adidas’s trademark white triple stripes were just barely visible on the sides of the garment, underneath her long hair.

She also wore a remarkably tight pair of heather gray Calvin Klein booty shorts that left very little to the imagination. They clung to her body and outlined every single curve with the utmost detail.

Qimmah’s insanely ripped thighs and voluptuous behind swelled beneath the lightweight fabric, which rose up on either side of her shapely hips, exposing even more of her dark, smooth skin. The shape of her hip bones were clearly visible under her attire, transitioning into a distinct “V” below.

The shorts had a thin white waistband with Calvin Klein printed multiple times in small gray letters. The band encircled her narrow waist and dipped down in the front, showing off her sparkling pierced navel and taut belly. A vertical line of muscular definition ran down the center of her abdomen.

In the primary snap, Qimmah rocked an impressive bicep curl in front of a large mirror. She flexed her right arm, with her elbow bent and fist clenched, activating the specific group of well-developed muscles that formed part of her toned upper body.

In the caption, she provided some encouragement and urged fans to tag her in their own “flex” photos today.

In the second photo, she relaxed her arm at her side and posed confidently as she faced the camera head on.

She held her iPhone in front of her with her left hand to take the two selfies, which partially obscured her face. A small tattoo in red lettering could be seen on the outside of her forearm.

In addition to the jewelry in her navel, Qimmah also accessorized with a tiny gold-colored pendant strung on a thin chain, which rested delicately across her slender collarbones.