Charly Jordan Flaunts Her Killer Booty In Thong Bikini In Photos From Road Trip Through Valley Of Fire

Charly Jordan showed off her enviable booty on Sunday, August 2, delighting her 3.3 million Instagram followers with a series of snapshots in which she wore a minuscule bikini during a road trip.

The series captured the model and influencer posing on the ladder of a hot pink travel trailer. In some of the photos, she was in profile with one leg lifted. Others showed her with her back turned to the camera, putting her backside front and center. Her blond hair was parted down the middle and styled in simple wavy strands that fell against her back. She tagged the travel company Outdoorsy, which specializes in RV rentals.

Jordan wore a two-piece bathing suit that featured a striking snakeskin and leopard-print pattern in black and gray against a white background. Her bikini bottoms had thin straps that tied into bows around her hips and dangled down her sides. The thong back ensured that her toned glutes were fully on display.

Jordan paired the thong with a matching top that featured small triangles which showcased her cleavage. The top included equally thin straps that tied behind her neck and around her back.

In the caption, Jordan revealed that she was on "Day 1 of the RoadyHoes trip" through the Valley of Fire, a state park south of Overton, Nevada. She also announced that she posted a new YouTube video to her channel in which she explained why she moved out of The Clubhouse, a collective of content creators founded by Daisy Keech and Abby Rao.

The slideshow attracted more than 290,000 likes and upwards of 825 comments in under a day. Her fans flocked to the comments section to ask her questions and to praise her amazing good looks.

"This means you'll be making a Utah pit stop?" one user asked, to which Jordan answered in the affirmative.

"Hope the trip goes well!!!! Have fun," wished another user.

"Cutie [heart-eyes emoji] [sparkle] can't wait to watch the video," a third admired chimed in.

"The workouts be working on you," added a fourth fan.

Jordan recently shared another post that saw her in a two-piece lingerie set that left little to the imagination, as The Inquisitr previously noted. The slideshow included a series of photos in which Jordan struck different poses while wearing a faded pink satin set that complimented her skin tone. The upper half was straight cut and had a thick strap that wrapped around her torso, attaching both parts of the set. The bottoms were high-rise and exposed her hips.