Celeb Trainer Kathryn Freeman Showcases Her Curves In A Skintight Dress

Kathryn Freeman poses for a selfie on Instagram.
Kathryn Freeman / Instagram

Celeb fitness guru Kathryn Freeman took to her Instagram account on Wednesday, July 29, to share a sexy picture of herself where she flaunted all her curves in a hip-hugging dress.

Kathryn stood tall while walking up the stairs to a house, with each foot on a different step. She angled her body sideways to the camera so that her 1.5 million followers got a good glimpse of her backside. She bent one arm at the elbow, holding one hand up in a “stop” gesture. From this pose, only one side of her face was visible. She looked off to the side, keeping her mouth closed with her lips in a straight line.

Kathryn rocked a sleeveless black dress emblazoned with vertical white stripes that only served to accentuate her curvaceous figure. The garment hugged her chest, emphasizing her buxom bust. She arched her back in the image, showcasing her derriere, which was the focal point of the photo. The frock was so short that Kathryn’s thighs were on full display, as were her long legs. Her ankle tattoo snaked its way up her calf.

She paired the outfit with strappy open-toed heels that matched the black hue of the ensemble.

As for her jewelry, Kathryn chose to accessorize with hoop earrings and a silver watch on her wrist.

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I want people around me who share their journey, speak their mind and want to get it right! Who challenge themselves regularly, who don’t say things like “it’s just who I’ve always been and will always be” as if they can’t change anything they choose to dedicate themselves to. If you just want to “have a good time” I’m probably gonna be too much for your taste… no shade, that’s cool. We all have a choice to go deeper into the matrix or to live on the surface. Those who take that deep dive tho… I love that energy, that spiritual depth and energetic spirit. We can do something real with that! It’s like we all must protect that 4 year old inside of us who loves to learn new things, cherishes experiences and constantly changes! If you’ve lost that, please go find him/her… that’s your treasure.

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Per usual, Kathryn captioned the Instagram update with an inspirational message that praised those who are willing to change and grow. Her followers flocked to the comments section in droves, eager to shower the trainer with compliments for her caption and for her latest look.

Some loved her message.

“U r everything!!!” shared one fan, punctuating their comment with a heart-eyes emoji. “Such an inspiration.”

A number of people were in awe of her figure.

“Goodness….Thickalicious!” exclaimed another follower, adding an “OK” symbol, a thumbs-up, and a flame emoji to their reply.

“Those legs,” gushed a third person.

Others still were here for her ensemble.

“Nice dress,” wrote a fourth social media user.

As of press time, the photo has racked up 25,000 likes and upward of 300 comments.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Kathryn often takes to her Instagram account to share pictures of herself showing off her fit figure in various outfits. One of her recent posts depicted the fitness trainer in nothing but a black bra and panties. In that photo, she pushed her chest up with her hands, drawing attention to her bust and putting her sculpted abdomen on full display.