Dixie D'Amelio Stuns In A Snakeskin-Print Bikini

TikTok star and social media sensation Dixie D'Amelio turned to Instagram on the evening of Thursday, July 24, to share two new stunning photos of herself posing by the ocean. The 18-year-old showed off her flawless figure and toned stomach while sporting a unique bandeau-style bikini.

D'Amelio's bikini top was composed of a brown-and-black snakeskin pattern. She covered up with a white long sleeved V-neck that was extra cropped. She paired the top with black low-rise bikini bottoms. The teen accessorized with tiny gold hoop earrings and wore a few beaded bracelets on her wrist.

She wore her long dark brown hair up in a bun, a few stray strands were blowing in the wind. She appeared to be makeup-free and smiled broadly for the camera.

The first photo was an up-close snapshot of just her face and upper body. She reached both arms in the air in jubilation and closed her eyes as the sun shined down on her. The second photo was taken from further back, and a sandy beach and deep blue ocean waves were visible behind her. She held one arm up while resting the other behind her back.

Both snapshots were taken by professional photographer Bryant, who has photographed both D'Amelio as well as her younger sister, Charli, in the past.

In the caption of the post, D'Amelio joked that it looked as if she was holding her arm up to ask a question like she would do in school. The post quickly obtained plenty of likes, reaching over 1.6 million. Her fans took to the comments section to compliment her flawless figure. Others tried to get the social media star to notice them or respond to their comments.

"You are gorgeous even without makeup! You're one of my favorite TikTok creators on the app!" gushed one person.

"Does that shirt do anything?" asked one fan, clearly joking about how little skin D'Amelio's top actually covered.

"What was your question?" joked another fan, referring to her comical stance.

"Wow, wish I was you! Body goals!" one more person remarked.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, D'Amelio has posed for various photographers in recent weeks, including Connor Franta. He photographed both D'Amelio and Charli for the cover of the newest edition of the online publication, Highsnobiety.

Both sisters rose to fame through TikTok and have established their places as two of the most well-known creators on the entire platform.