Kanye West Says Wife Kim Kardashian Tried To Use A Doctor To ‘Lock Me Up’

Kanye West appeared to take to Twitter Monday night with a series of tweets, which some people thought may have been hacked. Those who didn’t believe he was hacked worried about Ye’s mental health as he begged both his wife, Kim Kardashian, and her mother, Kris Jenner, to call him, before claiming Kim tried to get a medical professional to lock him up after his recent campaign rally.

“Kriss [sic] and Kim, call me now,” read one tweet that came from the rapper’s account.

Earlier, he claimed that Kim had tried to get a doctor to put him away. He referenced Mandela and told his followers that if he was locked up, they would know what had happened with him. In another tweet, Ye wrote that the movie Get Out was about him.

“Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughter’s life yesterday,” read another.

Some fans worried about Ye’s health and advised him to listen to his wife.

“I’m bipolar, too. I know what it feels like in your head right now. I know it’s really, really hard to trust people when your mind is running a million miles a minute, but PLEASE, trust your wife to love you and to want to help you. You will feel much better. I promise,” implored one Twitter user.

However, others wondered if this was part of some elaborate publicity stunt for an upcoming album.

“Kanye rants are back and album on Friday…. u love to see it,” replied one user who didn’t buy that Ye was having problems.


A few people even felt that the whole rant had been too far out there to be Kanye. Some users declared his account had been hacked due to the strange nature of his messages.

Kanye continued to share tweets on a variety of topics. Among them were two screenshots showing the difference in Google results for the actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry. His screenshots revealed that Berry’s results featured gossip articles about her life while Lawrence’s started with details about her career and net worth.

He moved on to Bill Cosby and wrote that NBC locked up the comedian who was convicted of sexual assault. The rapper also shared Michael Jackson’s video “Black Or White,” with no commentary.

The rapper then posted a picture of himself with all four of the children he shares with Kim, writing that they would never pose for Playboy. After that, Kanye declared that he loved his wife and wrote that his family had to live with him — E! and NBC couldn’t make the decision.

The renewed worries came shortly after Kanye held a campaign rally in South Carolina for his 2020 presidential campaign. During the event, he made several bizarre comments, including an unsubstantiated claim about Harriet Tubman not truly freeing slaves.