Dating Website 7orBetter Is For ‘Size Queens’ Only

A new dating website has launched for women who want a man with plenty to brag about. The site is called, and it helps women hook up with well-endowed men.

The site claims to “take the guesswork out of dating” for women, requiring men who sign up to admit how many inches their packing in their trousers.

As the title suggests, seven is the minimum, and men who sign up must also disclose whether or not they are circumcised.

It’s unclear whether or not men have to submit any proof of their endowment (or how site admins would know they weren’t faking things like photographs) or whether the site will claim responsibility if a liar is exposed in the flesh, so to speak.

The site was launched by Steve Pasternack, who is also behind another infamous dating service called

It’s no so crazy, either. A study released this week revealed that a man’s penis size does matter to women after decades of guessing. In light of conflicting studies done in the past and the risk of “self-deception,” scientists merely asked women to evaluate images of men based on level of attraction.

Women tended to find taller, more well-endowed men more attractive, the study found.

So what’s a woman’s “perfect” size? “We didn’t find an ideal penis size or height,” one of the researchers explained. “The attractiveness scores were still increasing at the largest values for these traits.”

Allow me to end with a joke: Why can’t women parallel park?

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