Sommer Ray Flaunts Her Figure In A Colorful Bikini While Dancing In A Hot Tub With FaZe Rug & RiceGum

Treva Bowdoin

Sommer Ray teamed up with two famous male YouTube stars for one of her latest social media uploads. On Thursday, the fitness influencer shared the results of their collaboration on her TikTok account.

Sommer's video was filmed in a hot tub. The content creators who joined her were Twitch personality RiceGum, whose real name is Bryan Le, and vlogger FaZe Rug, whose real name is Brian Awadis. The trio was sitting in water that was full of small floating orbs. The multi-colored spheres resembled bath beads or bouncy balls. At various points in the video, members of the group scooped some of the orbs up in their hands and dropped them back into the water.

Sommer was clad in a mismatched bikini that included a lettuce-trim top. The garment boasted an eye-catching geometric print. The array of colors featured in the pattern included different shades of purple, pink, orange, yellow, and green.

The model's bottoms were dark blue, and they clung to her every curve. The briefs featured a subtle striped pattern and a flirty bow detail. They had a mid-rise waist and a cheeky back that put Sommer's pert posterior on full display. The athletic Instagram star was also showing off her washboard stomach and toned legs as she frolicked around in the water. She wore her thick curls styled in a side bun.

Sommer, RiceGum, and FaZe Rug were lip-syncing the words to the mashup of songs that the model had chosen as her TikTok sound. They were three popular tunes from the 2000s: "Ms. Jackson" by OutKast, "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne, and "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. Sommer also jumped up and down, spun around, and wiggled her hips to the music.

"She is so funny and pretty I love this girl so much," read one response to her video.

"She's legit so pretty," another fan remarked. "Deserves all the love."

There were also a number of comments about Sommer's relationship with The Hype House member Tayler Holder. Some of her followers seemed to believe that the couple has split up.

"Since your (sic) not dating tayler no more give rug a chance would be a nice couple," one message read.

"Did you and tayler break up?" another fan asked.

Thus far, Sommer's upload has racked up over 440,000 likes.

The content creator's Instagram posts are also popular with her fans. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a set of photos of Sommer modeling skintight workout-wear were recently a big hit, earning over 300,000 likes in the span of an hour.