Kinsey Wolanski Shows Off Killer Curves In Two Skimpy Bikinis

Blond beauty Kinsey Wolanski sent fans into a frenzy on social media after she posted some sizzling new snapshots of herself on Monday, July 13. She took to her Instagram account to share the post with her 3.6 million followers, and it quickly became a hit after going live.

The 23-year-old was photographed outdoors in a beautiful location that oversaw the ocean and rocky terrain. Kinsey stole the show in the three-photo slideshow as stood directly in front of the camera, switching between a number of sexy poses. She further exuded a sultry vibe in the first image as she wore a pout, propped out her backside, and directed her eyes straight towards the camera's lens.

Her long, platinum blond hair did not appear to be styled as it cascaded down her back, and over her shoulders in messy, natural-looking waves.

Kinsey also appeared to be rocking a bit makeup for the stunning series, adding a touch of glamour to her beachside look and emphasizing her natural features. The application looked to include sculpted eyebrows, a light eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, highlighter, and blush.

Still, it was the model's famous assets that stood out, as she flaunted them in two different, yet similarly revealing bikinis.

Kinsey's first look included a navy bikini top that featured two straps that tied around her neck and back. The garment barely left anything to the imagination as it tightly hugged her chest. She teamed the top with a pair of matching bikini bottoms that also did not provide much coverage as they were designed with a high-rise, skimpy cut that particularly accentuated her hips and derriere.

The second swimsuit was a gray two-piece that helped Kinsey show off her cleavage and curves.

According to the post's geotag, the model was photographed in Portugal. In the caption, she stated that she missed the country and was "so sad" that the European Union "closed the border."

The slideshow was met with support and approval from thousands of fans, garnering more than 115,000 likes the first hour after going live. An additional 500 followers also complimented Kinsey's body, beauty, and bathing suits in the comments section.

"Beautiful baby," one person stated.

"Very beautiful pictures," a second admirer chimed in.

"Wonderful, just wonderful," a third individual added.

Kinsey has shared many stunning snapshots of herself to social media, especially as of late. On July 4, she wowed fans once more after she rocked a minuscule bikini bottom and a tight crop top, per The Inquisitr.