Man Arrested For Molesting A Horse

An Oregon man has been arrested for molesting a horse. Police say Antonio (Tony) J. Hall-Rivas, age 47, repeatedly sneaked into his neighbor’s barn and sexually assaulted her gelding horse.

The horse’s owner became suspicious when she found a man running out of her barn one morning. He was in the process of pulling up his pants. She saw the man on a few other occasions, but could not identify him as anyone she knew.

The woman contacted authorities, as she found evidence that the man was molesting her horse. It took authorities several months to catch the man as he always ran away before they arrived.

Police installed a monitoring camera that captured footage of the man sneaking into the barn and sexually assaulting the horse, but they were still unable to identify who he was.

As reported by KPTV, the man was in the process of running away one morning, when he dropped his hat in the woman’s yard. Police were able to recover DNA from the hat and identify Hall-Rivas as the man molesting the horse.

KOIN reports that Hall-Rivas was arrested on five counts of burglary, trespass, and sexual abuse of an animal. While in custody, he admitted to police that he had been molesting the horse for a period of eight months.

He reportedly told police that the first time he tried to touch the horse it kicked him. The kick frightened him and kept him away for a while, but he eventually went back. He stated that he could not recall how many times he molested the horse.

Detectives are reportedly trying to determine if Hall-Rivas molested another horse which was stored in the same barn.

Hall-Rivas is currently being held on $2,000 bond pending the grand jury’s decision on his indictment. He will return to court on April 16. He has not explained what motivated him to molest his neighbor’s horse.