Yuliett Torres Shows Off Round Booty In Tight Leggings

Yuliett Torres takes a selfie.
Yuliett Torres / Instagram

Yuliett Torres has posted two new updates to her Instagram page in the past 24 hours, and her most recent share was from an outdoor photo shoot. She showcased her curvy booty in a mustard yellow workout ensemble, and in particular, her tight leggings were eye-catching.

In the first photo, the model stood with her back angled toward the camera. She placed her hands by her ears and closed her eyes with her lips parted in a coy manner. Her matching long-sleeved top and high-waisted leggings featured mesh accents down the side of her arms and legs. There were also three horizontal dark yellow striped accents on her thighs.

Yuliett wore her hair down in a casual part and brushed her locks behind her shoulders. Her makeup application seemingly included purple eyeshadow with silver highlights under her brows, dark blush, and bright pink lipstick.

The shot was taken from a low vantage point, and there were tall trees visible in the backdrop.

The second image was snapped on a narrow sidewalk as Yuliett stood with her right knee popped in front and her hand by her neck. In addition, she posted another shot from the same spot, angling her back to the camera and showing off her derrière.

Lastly, Yuliett was apparently caught mid-dance with her hands in the air in the fourth snap. She faced away from the camera, and her curves were hard to miss. Specifically, her locks were prominent and her light highlights added a bright tone to the image. Behind her was a white wall with short trees.

The update has been available for six hours so far, and it’s racked up over 64,200 likes. Her fans took to the comments section with their compliments, and although most of the messages were from Spanish-speaking followers, there were several English compliments mixed in.

“Princess simply beautiful,” declared a supporter.

“Lovely lovely lady,” gushed a second admirer.

“Gorgeous and beautiful,” raved a third social media user.

“Very beautiful stunning,” wrote another devotee.

In addition, Yuliett posted another flirty update on June 6, that time opting for a selfie. She showcased her derrière in a lacy pink thong and took the photo in a modern bathroom. She raised her hand high in the air and placed her other pointer finger on her chin. She wore her hair down and brushed behind her back, and her apparent dark eyeliner, eyeshadow, and dark pink lipstick added a glam vibe to her look.