Sadie Robertson Shows Off Her Bikini Style And Meets A Pig During Bahamas Getaway

Albert UrsoGetty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Sadie Robertson shared an Instagram slideshow with her fans on Wednesday, and her upload likely left a few of her 3.8 million followers feeling pangs of envy. Her post also had many fans begging her to let them know where she buys her bikinis.

In the caption of her post, the 23-year-old Duck Dynasty star revealed that she recently vacationed with a group of people that she loves spending time with. She didn’t share where they went, but the first photo in her slideshow was a dead giveaway of the location of their destination.

Sadie was pictured perched on the edge of a boat. The vessel was anchored near the shore of an island surrounded by crystal-clear water. A furry pig had approached the boat and was standing in the shallows.

The presence of the seafaring swine was evidence that Sadie was vacationing in The Bahamas. The famous swimming pigs that live on one of the uninhabited islands there, Big Major Cay, have become a huge tourist attraction. It looked like Sadie was making the acquaintance of one of the animals from a safe distance.

Sadie’s sun-kissed skin made the vibrant colors of her bikini pop. She wore a yellow two-piece with a striped pattern that included shades of orange, pink, blue, and white. Her second photo revealed that the garment’s top had the same silhouette as a sports bra. She was pictured posing with her sister-in-law, Blakely Huff, on a small boat.

Sadie’s husband, Christian Huff, made an appearance in her third snap. He was holding up a football and standing behind his brother, Chance. In this shot, Sadie was clad in a pink-and-white striped swimsuit.

Sadie was also photographed sporting a white cherry-print bikini. The garment’s top had flirty ruffled sleeves, and the bottoms featured a retro silhouette with a high waist and a low-cut leg. Sadie rocked the playful swimsuit in a snapshot with Blakely that showed the two women sitting on a Wave Runner.

The two-piece also made an appearance in a video. Sadie and Christian were shown holding hands as they stood high up on the side of a large boat. The couple jumped off the edge into the glittering turquoise water below.

In another snapshot, Sadie wore a black bikini top with sparkly silver trim. She was posing on a rope swing with Christian. A similar swing made an appearance in one of Sadie’s recent Instagram uploads, but she was wearing a different swimsuit.

Numerous members of the Huff family appeared in Sadie’s photos, so it looked like she had been invited to vacation with them.

The podcast host’s Instagram followers had plenty to say about her pics.

“We need a list of where you find all of your adorable swimsuits,” wrote one fan.

“Looking (straight up) fresh outta a scene from Outer Banks!!!!” another comment read.

“So much beauty!!!” gushed a third admirer.