Charly Jordan Pops Her Booty In Tiny Black Miniskirt During Outdoor Photo Shoot

Charly Jordan wears a fuzzy black jacket.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Charly Jordan posted a flirty new three-part photo series to her Instagram page today, and the first picture of the set featured her popping her booty. She rocked a tiny miniskirt and a bright red tank top, and gave a shout-out to fellow social media sensation Mathilde Tantot for the photo shoot inspiration.

In the picture that is available here, she posed outdoors in a modern patio with glass walls. She placed her hands on the edge of the wall and leaned forward slightly as she arched her lower back. She stood with her left leg propped out in front, and the pose called attention to her curvy derrière.

Her miniskirt was black with a gray-and-white checkered design. It had a tight fit and a high hem that left her toned legs on show.

The blonde glanced over her shoulder at the camera with a sultry pout, and her face was mostly left in the shadows. She wore her hair in a half-ponytail with loose bangs framing her face.

Behind her was a scenic view with plenty of trees, and the blue skies were covered in white, wispy clouds.

In the second snap, the model turned around and tilted her head toward the sky. She closed her eyes and had a hint of a smile on her face as she tugged down the front of her tank top with her left hand.

The next shot was of her standing in front of the green foliage with her hands placed in front of her skirt. She looked to the side, and this angle revealed that she went braless and that she accessorized with earrings and a charm necklace.

The share has received plenty of attention in the first 20 minutes since it went live, garnering over 35,500 likes in the short time frame. Her followers also rushed to the comments section to talk about her good looks.

“She’s a beauty I love her,” raved an admirer.

“My beautiful crush,” gushed a second supporter.

“I’m still lost,” joked a third fan, taking note of her caption.

The model posted another sizzling update yesterday, that time offering an eight-part series of herself taking a dip in the ocean. Throughout the series, she was seen taking off her bikini top and striking a variety of poses.

Her hair was drenched and slicked back behind her shoulders, and her makeup application looked to include silver eyeshadow, heavy mascara, and dark pink lipstick. She accessorized with a pair of mismatched earrings, a cross necklace, and multiple gold bracelets.