Salma Hayek Posts Sizzling Video Clips From ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ On Instagram

Salma Hayek at DEU: "The Roads Not Taken" Premiere - 70th Berlinale International Film Festival
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Legendary actress Salma Hayek broke one of her most famous scenes out of the vault this afternoon, titillating her 12 million Instagram followers. Tagged “#tbt,” the post contains two GIFs from the 1996 action-horror movie, From Dusk Till Dawn, in which Hayek was cast as a snake-wielding vampire stripper.

Both clips are only a few seconds long, but viewers have plenty of time to take in her perfect figure and seductive dancing.

In the first snippet, Hayek’s bikini-clad body took up the entire frame. Her impressively toned abs were front and center as she gyrated from side to side. The background had the quintessential dim appearance of a seedy club, but warm lighting splashed across her body, accentuating every muscle and all her curves.

She wore a rich red bikini which appeared to be velvet, adorned with a few decorative gold beads. A small medallion was attached just below her cleavage, and it bounced against her skin as she moved. She accessorized with a simple gold choker, rings, and a metal cuff on her upper right arm that resembled a snake.

Hayek’s post was also hashtagged “goodhairday” and “hair,” respectively. And with good reason. The stunning celebrity swished her messy chestnut mane back and forth in front of the camera, letting it cascade across her shoulders and seductively cover her face.

The second half of the post gave fans a clear view of Hayek’s beautiful visage. Her huge brown eyes were cast upward as she smoothed her hair from her face with both hands. Her supple hips swayed as she walked across the stage. A handful of men, including co-star George Clooney’s character, gazed intently at her from the audience.

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According to IMDb, the inexperienced dancer was not given a choreographer for the film. Apparently, director Robert Rodriguez “just told her to feel the music and dance to it.”

Less than an hour after it was posted, this blast from the past received over 160,000 Instagram likes and hundreds of comments, primarily the fire emoji.

Multiple fans commented that this scene was the defining moment that their love for her began.

“Way more than a good hair day,” remarked one fan, referencing Hayek’s hashtags.

Although the actress had made numerous television appearances prior to being cast in From Dusk Till Dawn, it was one of her first movies. Currently she has over 80 roles under her belt, in addition to multiple credits as both a producer and director.

Recently, The Inquisitr reported that Hayek is currently working on reshoots for an unidentified project.