Ana Cheri Brings Fantasy To Life In Pink Lingerie And Butterfly Wings

Selfie of model Ana Cheri
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Fitness model Ana Cheri dazzled fans with her most recent Instagram post. To the delight of her over 12 million followers, the internationally recognized beauty rocked a shimmering ensemble, complete with giant fuchsia butterfly wings.

In the photo, Ana transported viewers to a delightful utopia in which she was the star. A vast expanse of rosy sky was balanced by a stretch of sunset-colored sand on which she was posed. There was a hint of the ocean behind her. A fanciful full moon and some well-placed birds overhead completed the whimsical vibe.

This fantastic, beachy background could only exist in the imagination, and Ana’s stunning presence was even more otherworldly.

She was swathed in a light pink crystalline two-piece that complemented her golden complexion. Cap sleeves covered her shoulders but the tiny top still offered fans plenty to see. Ana’s hands met just below her cleavage, fingers twined around the small bow at the front, as if any minute she might untie it. The string bikini bottom hugged her curves perfectly.

Ana was posed on her knees with her shapely thighs slightly spread to maintain balance. A spill of light emphasized the musculature of her long legs. Her face was turned slightly away from the camera, chin tilted down, and full lips parted into a broad smile. Ana’s wavy, mahogany locks were parted to the side and tossed over her right shoulder, framing her seductive grin. Her eyes were closed blissfully.

Ana’s gorgeous outfit was accented by a pair of bright butterfly wings edged in black. The wings and her figure were accentuated with dappled points of light.

She didn’t appear to be wearing any additional accessories. Ana’s makeup was light and sheer, with just the hint of color on her lips.

Instagram fans were thrilled by Ana’s sexy picture. The post received thousands of comments in the first few hours it was up. Most of them were a barrage of heart, flower, and fire emoji.

“Most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen,” gushed one fan.

Another user was ready to make a big commitment.

“Bout to make this my screen saver she so dam [sic] beautiful.”

The digital editor even got kudos for a job well done, with a heart emoji.

“I know a good edit when I see one! Nice to who ever did it.”

Last month, Ana was featured in The Inquisitr looking quite a bit more casual but just as beautiful.