Laura Amy Poses Pantsless In Bed For A Cute Selfie With Her Cat: ‘Lazy Saturday Mornings’

Laura Amy clicks a selfie.
Laura Amy / Instagram

Australian fitness and lingerie model Laura Amy kicked off the weekend with an adorable selfie that saw her snuggling in bed with her cat. The photo, which she didn’t hesitate to share with her 854,000 Instagram followers, showed the 28-year-old lounging on her tummy with one arm under her body and her head hovering over the pillow where her kitty was comfortably nestled. Laura faced the camera with an intense gaze, giving off sultry vibes as she pursed her pillowy lips. Meanwhile, her feline companion seemed unfazed by the entire affair and looked almost morose as it chilled on the white bedding that strongly contrasted with its dark fur.

Laura got cozy for the snap, ditching her pants to show off her chiseled pins. She slipped on a loose gray T-shirt, which appeared to be inscribed with a blue print on the front. The model framed the selfie to capture a profile view of her taut figure, flaunting her perky backside and toned thighs. She kicked up her feet, showcasing a stylish pair of Air Jordan sneakers in a bold purple color.

While her attire may have been casual, the gorgeous brunette was all dolled-up for the shot. She rocked a chic glam that appeared to include voluminous eyelashes, eye highlighter, and a satin pink shade on her full lips. Her cheeks looked dusted with a subtle blush, and her sculpted eyebrows were perfectly arched and seemed color-enhanced. The Aussie beauty didn’t appear to be wearing any accessories, letting her hourglass curves do all the talking. She showed off her long, raven tresses seemingly pulled up into a sleek hairdo, leaving a pair of rebel tendrils to frame her face.

Laura summarized the laid-back, nonchalant atmosphere of her selfie in her caption. She used a purple heart emoji to call attention to her shoes, tagging the brand — Dough Store — for the benefit of fans who wished to grab their own pair.

The model added a second version of the photo, which had a colorful, trippy filter, piquing the interest of her followers who wanted to know how she edited the shot. Laura engaged some of her fans in the comments, explaining that she had used “an effect from an app called snow.”

“Love the second pic so much!” wrote one of her devotees, further expressing their admiration with a star-struck emoji.

Compliments were given for her hot look as well.

“Oooooouuf sooo pretty,” penned one Instagrammer, ending with a heart-eyes emoji.

“Supper hottt [two fire emoji] and the shoe game on point,” read another message, trailed by a string of flattering emoji.

Fellow models also flocked to the comments to praise Laura for her beauty.

“Cute,” chimed in Aussie bombshell Abby Dowse, who added a purple heart.

Russian Playboy hottie Dasha Mart also noticed the attention-grabbing post, leaving three heart-eyes emoji under Laura’s selfie.

The photo proved to be quite popular with her admirers, reeling in 12,000 likes and 230 comments.