Ashley Alexiss Shows Off Her Incredible Curves In Black And Mermaid-Inspired Thong Bikinis

Ashley Alexiss stunned her 2.1 million Instagram followers on Friday night when she posted a series of pictures in which she was modeling two new swimsuits from her Alexiss Swimwear line. The series consisted of four photos -- two of Alexiss wearing a black thong bikini, and two of her wearing a blue-and-green mermaid-inspired thong bikini.

In the first photo, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model showed off her incredible curves in a tiny black bikini. The bikini top, dubbed the Royal Tri-Top in her latest collection, was a classic triangle top that tied behind Alexiss' neck. The top was accented with small white polka dots, and left Alexiss' ample cleavage on full display.

The tiny bikini bottoms boasted of a swath of black fabric that hugged the gorgeous model's lower abdomen. The fabric ended right below her hips, where it connected to two black ties on both hips. The ties rested right on her hips, accentuating her perfect hourglass figure.

In the second photo in the series, Alexiss wore a shiny, mermaid-inspired pair of bikini bottoms along with a robin's egg blue triangle top. The top featured just enough fabric to cover Alexiss' ample chest, but there was still plenty left to admire -- especially as Alexiss tugged on the front of the bikini top to give her audience a better view.

The bikini bottoms were of a shiny green hue and exhibited a fish scale pattern, one which evoked a mermaid tail. As with the black bikini from the first picture, the minuscule bikini bottoms ended right under Alexiss' hip bones.

In the third photo of the series, Alexiss wore the same black bikini from the first photo -- but this time, she offered up a completely different view of both her fabulous body and the swimsuit. The photo was taken from behind, giving fans a full view of the model's perfectly round butt. The thong bikini bottoms were barely visible. Alexiss looked coyly over her shoulder in the photo, giving the camera a sly smile.

The fourth photo gave a similar view of the mermaid-inspired bikini set. The photo was taken in profile, giving a side-view of Alexiss' gorgeous figure. Her backside was turned toward the camera, giving a complete view of both her derriere and the bikini bottoms. In this image, Alexiss' head was thrown back and her eyes were closed.

In the caption, Alexiss stressed that thongs are for every body type, and she mentioned that her Alexiss Swimwear thong bikinis are available in sizes all the way up to 5X. She went on to write that people of all shapes should be able to feel -- and look -- sexy.

Earlier this month, Alexiss modeled a metallic rainbow-colored bikini from her collection to celebrate Pride Month.