Jeffree Star Apologizes For Resurfaced Graphic & Offensive Images Of Him As A Teen: 'That Person Is Long Gone'

Jeffree Star is speaking out about an old website splash page featuring disturbing images of him that have resurfaced.

The makeup guru and YouTube star took to Twitter to issue a lengthy statement after old images of him self-harming and standing next to a confederate flag appeared online. The images were taken more than 15 years ago when the future star was a teen.

In his statement, Star, 34, admitted that the "very graphic" resurfaced photo of him cutting and bleeding was originally intended to be for his LiveJournal profile, but that he never ended up using it and instead dissolved the URL and removed the disturbing images from the internet.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder also addressed an old photo that showed him posing next to a man wearing a confederate flag draped over his shoulders and explained that he was asked to be in the picture "for shock value" simply because he is gay and "obviously not what the flag represents."

Star apologized for making a "stupid decision" to agree to pose for the photo as he admitted how "ugly and wrong" the pic was.

Amid false rumors that he once had a cosmetics company called "Lipstick Nazi," Star explained his past use of the offensive phrase, which he said was a term he "stupidly" used to describe anyone who was obsessed with makeup. He explained that he came up with the term after watching the famous "Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld, but acknowledged that the word Nazi is "disgusting" and should never have been part of his vocabulary.

The wealthy entrepreneur reiterated that his old photos and comments are "offensive, derogatory and for shock value," and that they in no way reflect who he is today or what he has ever stood for. Star wrote that he will "always" be sorry for all the dumb and "vile" things he has said and done in the past, and he agreed that the old Jeffree from 15 years ago should be "canceled."

"That person is long gone," Star wrote of his former self.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder noted that today he is "extremely proud" of his inclusive makeup brand that celebrates all races and genders. The makeup mogul also said he plans to use his massive platform to spread awareness and "only show inclusivity."

The YouTuber also asked anyone who is still sharing the ugly old photos of him to please stop now. Star explained that he naively allowed someone to photograph him when he was really young and that seeing the old images of him self-mutilating as a teen are "triggering" and not healthy.

In comments to the statement, many of Star's loyal fans stood by him and thanked him for speaking out about the offensive photos and explaining where they came from. Others blasted today's "cancel culture" and the toxicity of modern day social media, being that kids make mistakes and that they can and should be forgiven.Star is no stranger to controversy. He has been involved in public feuds with everyone from Kat Von D to Kylie Jenner, and he has posed nude on his Instagram page.

Last month, Star received backlash for his newly launched Cremated makeup palette after some found the name of the product offensive in the wake of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Star revealed that he came up with the line well before the pandemic began and didn't want to delay the launch because the makeup, which had already been produced, would then be old.