Kara Del Toro Exposes Underboob In A Frilly Nude Bikini

Kara Del Toro had a large number of her 947,000 TikTok followers buzzing about her latest alluring video. The model was rocking a skimpy bikini, which isn't an unusual occurrence. However, she was exposing some skin that her swimsuit probably wasn't designed to leave uncovered.

Kara's string bikini was a nude color that was a few shades lighter than her tan skin. The feminine and flirty garment featured frilly lettuce trim. Instead of triangles, her top's thin cups were sliding squares of fabric attached to two adjustable strings. The upper string tied in the front, while the lower string circled around Kara's back. Her top also had thin spaghetti straps. The gap between the two cups revealed an eyeful of the model's cleavage, and the bow dangling between her breasts also drew the eye to her chest.

In the clip, Kara was shown reaching up to pull her long, brunette hair back in a ponytail. This was making her top ride up, so she was flashing a significant amount of underboob.

Kara's matching bottoms also didn't provide a lot of coverage. They featured a fixed scoop front and thin side straps that were stretched up high on her voluptuous hips.

Kara accessorized her bathing suit with a rose gold choker necklace, hoop earrings, and a delicate chain bracelet. If she was wearing any makeup at all, it was a minimal amount that allowed her natural beauty to shine through.

Kara was filmed outside, where she sat on a white railing in front of a yard and a white building with French doors, a fanlight, and a small patio. She was posing underneath a tall shade tree that was out of the frame.

Dappled sunlight created moving patterns on Kara's skin, and she used a sparkle effect to make her jewelry appear to shimmer. She set her video to the song "Fantasy" by Alina Baraz, which gave the short clip even more of a dreamy vibe.


Kara's TikTok followers have shown their appreciation for her gorgeous video by liking it over 10,000 times so far. The model also received an outpouring of admiration in the comments section.

"Absolutely perfect!!!" read one response to her clip.

"Let's face it we all weren't looking at her hair," another fan commented.

"Very nice," wrote a third admirer.

A number of Kara's followers also remarked on how they wouldn't be comfortable wearing her bikini.

"Could never trust that top like this," said one fan.

Over on her Instagram page, Kara has also been leaving her fans awestruck by flaunting her incredible figure. As reported by The Inquisitr, she was pictured posing in a tiny white bikini in a set of snapshots that she shared with her 1.5 million followers on that social media platform.