Jessica Weaver Sizzles In Sexy, Pantsless Shot

Jessica Weaver snaps a selfie.
Jessica Weaver / Instagram

Jessica Weaver went scantily clad on Instagram in the most recent photo added to her bombshell feed. The post was shared on her page two hours ago, and the model’s 9.5 million fans have loved the new treat.

The photo captured Jessica posed with her derriere facing the camera. As the geotag indicated, she was in Orange County, California, where she appeared to be inside of a home. The room was decorated with a funky gray chair and a faux green plant that reflected the sunlight off its branches. The surrounding walls were painted white, and a black-and-white photo also hung in the space.

Jessica stood in the center of the frame and popped her booty out toward the lens. Her shoulders and back were turned to the side, and she peeked over her shoulder with her a mesmerizing stare. Jessica draped one hand across her ribs and playfully held the other next to her side, placing her pointer finger in her mouth. She showed off her fit figure in an NSFW ensemble.

Jessica appeared to be wearing a white dress that she pulled up above her booty. The garment had a solid white layer and a semi-sheer layer over it that seemed to be embroidered with an intricate pattern. The piece had a zipper in the back, and the model let one of its straps fall down her arm. The bottom of the garment was sheer and had a ruffled pattern. It rested on the upper half of her booty, leaving it entirely on display.

The babe showed off the tattoos on her arms and booty but did not opt to add any additional jewelry. She appeared to wear a white-and-navy striped bow in her hair. Jessica styled her bleach blond locks with a middle part, and her tresses grazed the top of her shoulders. Jessica appeared to be rocking a striking application of makeup that included eyeliner, lip gloss, blush, and highlighter.

She asked fans to caption the photo and reminded them to enjoy their day. It comes as no surprise that the post has garnered over 35,000 likes and an additional 1,300 comments. Most fans complimented her killer curves, while many others thought of a witty caption.

“Wow, so beautiful hope you have a great day,” one follower gushed with a few flame emoji.

“Absolutely gorgeous Jessica I love when you share photos with us,” another Instagrammer complimented.

“When your man show’s up with your favorite food,” a third fan suggested.

“You look beautiful and your page is always fire babe,” one more social media user commented.