Christina Aguilera Sizzles In Nude Photo Celebrating The Supreme Court's LGBTQ+ Ruling

Christina Aguilera stunned her 6.8 million Instagram followers on Tuesday when she posted a tasteful nude on Instagram to celebrate the Supreme Court's landmark ruling for LGBTQ+ civil rights, which happened on Monday. In the photo, the pop vocalist was holding a rainbow flag, which billowed behind her. She wore nothing but gold, thigh-high, stiletto boots, and black full-length fishnet gloves.

One of Aguilera's arms reached across her chest, covering her breasts. Her hand held one breast while her fishnetted arm covered the other. The hand covering her breast was held at just the right angle to show off some underboob. Her other arm reached above her head, holding onto a black, wall-mounted bar and the top of the rainbow flag.

The knee of Aguilera's front leg was bent at a 90-degree angle, covering her nether regions. She balanced on her other leg, showing off her long, slim legs. The positioning of her legs accentuated her slim waist and curvaceous hips, creating a perfect hourglass figure.

Her head was tilted up, resting against her outstretched arm. Her pouty lips were seemingly smeared with a bold maroon hue and her eyes looked to be lined in striking black. Her platinum blond hair was swept back from her face and gathered at the nape of her neck, resting near her shoulders.

Aguilera posted two other photos in addition to the stunning nude.

In the second photo, Aguilera wore a fishnet bustier that showed just a hint of cleavage and hung off her shoulders. She also wore faux leather fingerless gloves accented with silver chains. Her hands were up next to her face as if she was shouting. Her mouth stretched open, accented with what appeared to be bright red lipstick and her dark eyes were half-closed. Her blond locks were a mess of curls that tumbled over her shoulders. There was a rainbow filter on the photo, creating a playful and colorful vibe.

The third photo was an altered image of Aguilera's iconic Bionic album cover. According to Billboard, the album turned 10 years old this month. The photo was a headshot of Aguilera staring straight into the camera, her black-lined eyes penetrating the lens. She's wearing a futuristic, robotic suit, of which just the collar can be seen. The original picture was redone in a rainbow color scheme to fit the Pride theme of the photoset.

In the caption, Aguilera referenced the Supreme Court decision that was made on Monday. The singer laid out the ruling — that Title VII prevents LGBTQ+ people from being fired or enduring workplace discrimination because of their identities — in simple terms and then stated that she was "proud" of the decision. She added the Pride hashtag and a rainbow to finish off the post.

Within two hours, the post had almost 120,000 likes and over 1,300 comments.