Tori Spelling Fans Stunned At New Pictures Of Her Daughter Stella

Lucille Barilla

Tori Spelling fans are stunned at how quickly her daughter Stella has grown up. The television star shared a sequence of 10 images to Instagram of the preteen for her 12th birthday. In the caption, Tori explained all the reasons she loved her oldest daughter, and she told fans some family secrets about the girl in a sweet and touching caption that celebrated her.

Stella is one of five children that Tori and husband Dean McDermott share. The others are older brother Liam and younger siblings Hattie, Finn, and Beau. The lovely young girl has a sweet mixture of the best features from both her parents. While she appeared to resemble Tori more in her early childhood, Stella now looks more like her father.

In a second snap, Stella looked away from the camera and showed off a trendy outfit of frayed shorts and a striped shirt, with what looked like two pompoms in her hair as a style accent. In the third pic, the preteen wore a multicolored, oversized sweater. A close-up shot of Stella was next, where her lovely features were evident. Tori included another image of her daughter where she sported oversized pink pompom earmuffs on the sides of what appeared to be a winter hat.

Fans of the former Beverly Hills 90201 star could not believe how Stella had grown up right before their eyes. They shared their birthday wishes for the young girl in the comments section of the share.

"Happy Birthday to a beautiful and talented young lady!" said a second Instagram user.

"Precious tribute to a beautiful daughter," stated a third fan.

"Omg Tori, your daughter is beautiful just like her momma. Happy Birthday Stella, have a fabulous day!" remarked a fourth admirer.