Jenna Dewan Gets Soaking Wet In A Black Swimsuit 11 Weeks After Giving Birth

It didn't take long for Jenna Dewan to get her pre-baby body back. The mother of two shared a sexy shot while clad in a black swimsuit only 11 weeks after giving birth to her son, Callum.

The photo was taken on Memorial Day and it added some serious heat to her feed. The selfie-style shot ensured that her audience got a great look at Dewan's gorgeous figure as she hung out in the pool. The actress did not use a geotag to indicate her exact location, but she appeared to be taking a dip with her daughter, Everly. She kept her caption simple and added only two smiley face emoji with sunglasses. Dewan pursed her lips for the camera and opted for a black suit that hugged her smoking-hot body in all the right ways.

The tight black one-piece was constructed of sheer black fabric and traditional nylon laid out in alternating stripes. Its thin straps rested snug on her shoulders and allowed her fit arms to be put on full display. The front of the garment boasted a plunging neckline that scooped down low and gave Dewan's audience a generous glimpse of her tanned cleavage. Also of note was its tight fit, which helped to showcase her picture-perfect figure.

The bottom of the suit featured high-cut sides and teased a portion of her toned and tanned legs. Dewan wore her long, brunette tresses down, and they spilled messily on her back and shoulders. The 39-year-old's hair was soaking wet, indicating that she took a dip in the water to cool off on a hot weekend. Dewan also added a few accessories to her sexy poolside look, including a gold necklace with a circular charm and a chain with both of her children's names on it. In addition, Dewan sported a pair of purple and pink goggles while appearing to be makeup-free for her day in the pool.

The actress' daughter could be seen behind her in the photo, and she appeared to be sporting a pair of goggles that matched. It hasn't taken long for fans to praise the new upload, and it's already accrued over 136,000 likes and 380-plus comments in a few hours.

"How did you just birth a human you goddess you??!!" one follower wrote alongside a series of flame and hearts.

"How could goggles, wet hair and a pout win hottest picture of the day? But it does," a second social media user said.

"How did you get so skinny after having a baby.. omg you're a goddess," one more fan commented.