Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy Reportedly Under Investigation For Sexual Assault Amid Multiple Groping Allegations

Adult film star Ron Jeremy is reportedly under investigation for sexual assault by authorities in Los Angeles, a state of affairs which comes about after more than a dozen women accused the 64-year-old of unwanted groping.

As the New York Post reported, the adult film actor has come under investigation regarding an undisclosed allegation in Los Angeles. A rep for the actor told the news outlet that they had no details about what the allegations entailed.

"We haven't heard anything so we don't know anything about it," spokesperson Dante Rusciolelli told the newspaper.

The actor, whose full name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, has been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women, The Daily Beast noted. Many of the accusers are those who have worked with Jeremy in the adult film industry, including 10 fellow adult film actors and two journalists.

As a result, Jeremy has reportedly been blacklisted from a number of areas in the industry -- including a ban from the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and Awards, one of the industry's marquee events.

Jeremy was reportedly found in violation of the event's code of conduct -- one that bans any "unwanted physical contact" -- but said in an interview with Rolling Stone that he never touched anyone without their consent.

In the 2017 interview, Jeremy also denied any allegations of sexual assault.

"I have never and would never rape anyone," he said, though did admit that at events and shows he does "touch the people and they touch me."

"If I didn't get permission and I just grabbed a random boob I'd have more black eyes than a panda bear," he added. "I always get permission. I'm 64, I don't want to fight anybody."

The allegations surfaced in part in response to a viral YouTube video showing a number of instances of Jeremy grabbing female performers, as well as many firsthand allegations of misconduct from women.

A number of women have also spoken out against Jeremy on social media, describing unwanted touching and groping while they were working with him. The allegations against Jeremy date back close to 20 years, with many of the women saying the groping took place at public events and often on camera.

Police in Los Angeles have not disclosed what specific allegations they may be investigating.

"Sexual assault allegations against Ron Jeremy are under review by our office. No filing decision has been made," Greg Risling, a public information officer for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, told The Daily Beast.